Learning Objectives Part 2: Do your learning objectives match your company’s goals?

Effective learning objectives for any endeavor start with a clear understanding of your goals. Whether your organization is launching a new product, restructuring an existing operational system or making other improvements, before taking that first step you need to know where you’re going, how you plan to get there and what your destination will look like. In last month’s article about learning objectives, we pointed out that Lean Learning ’s Transformational Road Map is one of the best tools for answering those questions and mapping your journey. Following Lean Principle Number 1, first you will directly observe your work as activities, connections, and flows. Let’s say you own a company that manufactures security systems and you are considering an upgrade to one of your product lines. At the outset, you will want to study the upgraded blueprint prototypes and create a computer simulation of a live demonstration. Have a clear picture in your mind of every step involved from the time a customer purchases the system until it is completely installed and they press the operating button. How does this upgraded product line differ from the current one? What adjustments will need to be made to accommodate modified engineering? Your [...]