Learning Implementation Best Practices – Bridging the Gap

“Learning Implementation best practices are rooted in common sense, yet they are surprisingly not common practice,” writes Ed Emde, president of Wilson Learning Corp, in a recent article that appeared in CLOmedia.com.[1] Emde believes the reason for this is the wrong focus. Rather than recording what happens in the classroom, learning leaders should pay attention to workplace practices. Answers to the questions, “Does it work?” and “Is it successful?” are the best barometers for any type of learning implementation. This advice will sound familiar to lean learning experts. Pragmatism or results-oriented criteria are at the heart of lean strategies. The goal of any learning implementation program is to improve performance. Yet according to Emde, learning leaders often feel so pressured to install the program, they fail to observe and record its effectiveness. As a result, implementation falls short of expectations. Common excuses for failed implementation can be lack of proper support, insufficient budget, or lack of time. Emde cites Michael Woodard, GE Power Services’ global learning leader, as an example of a successful learning professional who is unconcerned about these issues. Instead, says Emde, Woodard focuses on delivering the same high-quality program content to every component of the company’s learning [...]

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Learning Implementation for leaders – Six Best Practices (Part One)

As a learning leader, learning implementation or bridging the gap between what happens in the classroom and on the job, requires a keen understanding of job requirements as well as a firm understanding of best practices. Ed Emde, president of Wilson Learning Corp, offers his 6 best practices in an article that appeared in the November/December 2016 issue of the CLOmedia.com newsletter.[1] The following are the first three of these practices: Link to Business Strategy. With clear linkage to business strategy, learning organizations can get support and active involvement from the organization’s other leaders. As an example of a successful liaison of learning with business strategy, Emde cites DuPont Pioneer’s sales force under the direction of Kent Carpenter, Pioneer’s sales training manager. Carpenter’s training team provides expert learning technologies, skills and tools to a sales force consisting of several small business owners. “Our training is always about meeting a business need,” states Carpenter. “Identifying the gap in existing knowledge, skills and abilities needed to drive performance provides the important link that delivers useful learning.”[2] Lean learning works on the same learning implementation principles. Identifying the gap is the first step in detecting any area in offices, factories and workplaces where improvement can increase efficiency, effectiveness and sales—thus enhancing the all-over lean [...]

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