Are the requirements for learning and change part of your onboarding process?

Learning and change are two necessary components of a lean company’s onboarding process for a new employee.  If lean learning is defined as an ongoing journey toward personal and professional improvement, then every new employee will soon be familiar with the adage that “at the end of every success is another obstacle waiting to be perceived as yet another learning opportunity.” Change, or the ability to pull yourself out of your comfort zone to reflect on each of the company’s procedures even when no problems may be currently apparent, is integral to lean learning. “The continuous improvement mentality is critical for sustainability; employees must be empowered to challenge and continue looking for ways to improve and make their processes better,” writes business consultant Mercibel Gonzalez in a blog article about lean learning and change. “Training and having a client immersed in the whole process is critical to start shifting the mentality towards continuous improvement,” states Gonzalez. “Our work as consultants is just the start of the change chain. There are always forces of change in action… so to remain competitive clients need to adapt and continue evolving. “As part of our work we teach and train the operation on lean concept application,” says Gonzalez. “Giving them [...]