Huron Automatic Screw Company Creates Product Excellence with Lean Principles

Huron Automatic Screw Company’s Offers Precision in Every Component Huron Automatic Screw Company is a recognized leader in the industry in threaded fasteners and machined parts. In every part made, precision in design and leading edge technology are at the forefront of its creation. We take pride in understanding the needs of every customer, providing product excellence while utilizing Lean Manufacturing principles. Huron Automatic Screw Company minimizes waste, improves the flow of smooth processes, ultimately reducing costs for our valued customers. In a constant effort to manufacture the highest quality components, Huron Automatic Screw Company manufactures a wide range of precision-machined products in various sizes to meet the needs of industries large and small. We continue to upgrade our equipment and processes to maintain our reputation as a leader in the manufacture of threaded fasteners and machined parts. Take a moment to browse our website at and see how we can serve your next production project. Huron Automatic Screw Company takes precision to the core of every machined component Our engineers at Huron Automatic Screw Company know that precision in the design of every threaded component is as important as the mechanism it’s built into. Accuracy is one of [...]

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Lean learning is a wake-up call for breaking old business patterns

Most of us have experienced at least one wake-up call in our lives. Many of these alarm bells are sudden while others are slow build-ups that once they sound off can be catastrophic, catching us completely off guard. One thing we can safely say: most wake-up calls are triggered by the need to make changes either in the workplace or other areas of our life. If change is prescribed for an organization in which we play a key management role and we choose to ignore the red flags, we may be jeopardizing the future success of that enterprise. Some of the most important chapters in Bill Artzberger’s new book, Powering the Lean Enterprise: Fundamentals of Lean for Super-Charging Your Company & Your Life, focus on elevating change as a fundamental building block in the construction of any potentially successful lean enterprise. Artzberger points out that change is “any type of learning is a self-conscious decision to change the way we do things.” Lean learning and a lean mindset are specifically focused on “intentional self-awareness” coupled with willingness to break patterns that have become obstacles to a company’s progress. In the first of several examples of wake-up calls in Artzberger’s book that point out the [...]

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What is ‘Lean’ and What Can it Do For You?

What is Lean? At its core, “Lean” is about improving and optimizing your operations. An organization using lean thinking consistently provides greater value to its customers while consuming fewer resources to do so. Lean organizations do not focus on a single area of their business, they focus on the entire process flow to eliminate waste and create greater customer value. Lean organizations require less effort, less space, less capital and less time to produce lower cost goods and services with fewer defects. Lean applies in every organization, every business, and every process. It is not a tactic or simple cost-reduction program; it is a way of thinking and acting for an entire organization.Lean does not simply mean performing kaizens, using 5S programs, displaying Lean boards, using visual pull systems or the like. Those are all Lean tools, which you may decide to use someday. However, these tools are not the true foundation of what it means to think and be Lean. You must do more than use a few tools and metrics to enjoy the true benefits of Lean thinking: You must create an enterprise-wide customer-focused learning organization to be successful in creating a long-term, sustainable Lean organization. You don’t [...]

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Can Lean Save the City of Detroit?

The Lean Learning Center recently received an order for some lean simulations and support material from the City of Detroit.  We have also learned that the city is planning to send quite a few people to our next Lean Experience class.  While the Lean Learning Center has successfully worked with municipalities in the past, this begs the larger question of whether lean thinking can really help in a turnaround situation, and the answers is Yes, absolutely Yes! (As long as you don’t wait too long to get started) Applied correctly, lean thinking can dramatically lower your costs while improving your customer responsiveness. We have successfully worked with organizations in turnaround situations before and have witnessed how lean principles and techniques can play a key role in quickly changing the direction (and life expectancy) of an organization in a tire situation.  The culture change brought on by lean thinking will focus everyone on waste removal and improving efficiency throughout the organization.  This can make the difference between life and death for any organization, particularly those in desperate financial situations. Speaking to a crowd of nearly 800 business executives last month at the Motor City Casino Hotel, Mayor Mike Duggan asked for [...]

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