Trust in the Workplace Starts at the Top

A good leader knows that trust in the workplace is one of a company’s most valuable assets. Ken Blanchard, Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, is quick to point out, however, that trust in the workplace doesn’t just happen by itself. It must be cultivated from the top down, by the company’s leaders. In Blanchard’s article titled “How to Build a High Trust Workplace,” that appeared in the March 2017 edition of CLOmedia’s Chief Learning Officer, Blanchard cites Horst Shultze, one of the retired founders of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels, as a stellar example of a trust-building leader. During the years when Schultz was still one of the company’s executives, he established a special program for the employees. After they had completed their training, Shultze set up a $2,000 discretionary fund for each of the employees. The money was to be used to solve a customer’s problem and employees were not required to report the details of how they spent the money. Eventually, Shultze collected many heart-warming anecdotes that demonstrated employee trust and loyalty. One of his favorite stories was about a business executive who was a guest at the Atlanta Ritz-Carlton hotel. After leaving Atlanta, he had to fly to Los Angeles [...]

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The Lean Learning Center Provides $45K Gift to Pawley Lean Institute at Oakland University

The Lean Learning Center has proudly awarded six training seats to students from Oakland University to help further their practical experience working with the concepts and practices of Lean thinking. The Lean Learning Center generously awarded Oakland University’s Pawley Lean Institute with six training seats to their foundational learning program, The Lean Experience®, on an annual basis for a period of three years, representing a gift value of $45K to the university. These seats are available to students of the School of Business (SBA), School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS) and School of Education and Human Services (SEHS). Participation in the class provides students with the unique opportunity to advance their lean knowledge and skills. Completion of the course provides students with an additional lean credential to provide them with a competitive advantage as they seek employment in the workplace. “The Lean Learning Center is extremely pleased to make this advanced training possible for Oakland University students on a cost-free basis. We are committed to helping -students gain practical experience working with lean principles and also provide them with a unique opportunity to collaborate with organizations who are pursuing the lean journey,” shares Bill Artzberger, Partner, Lean Learning Center. [...]

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Can Lean Save the City of Detroit?

The Lean Learning Center recently received an order for some lean simulations and support material from the City of Detroit.  We have also learned that the city is planning to send quite a few people to our next Lean Experience class.  While the Lean Learning Center has successfully worked with municipalities in the past, this begs the larger question of whether lean thinking can really help in a turnaround situation, and the answers is Yes, absolutely Yes! (As long as you don’t wait too long to get started) Applied correctly, lean thinking can dramatically lower your costs while improving your customer responsiveness. We have successfully worked with organizations in turnaround situations before and have witnessed how lean principles and techniques can play a key role in quickly changing the direction (and life expectancy) of an organization in a tire situation.  The culture change brought on by lean thinking will focus everyone on waste removal and improving efficiency throughout the organization.  This can make the difference between life and death for any organization, particularly those in desperate financial situations. Speaking to a crowd of nearly 800 business executives last month at the Motor City Casino Hotel, Mayor Mike Duggan asked for [...]

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