Study Reveals Benefits of Lean Fundamentals Program for High School Students

A recent cooperative study uncovers the value and effectiveness of the Lean Fundamentals Program in a collaborative high school setting. Lean Learning Center recently collaborated with Oakland University and the Clintondale Community School District to offer Clintondale High School students a six-week course on Lean methods which included an extensive project-based learning simulation. The goal of the program was to prove that Lean can provide high school students with application skills they need to succeed in the real world through a series of lessons based on collaboration and teamwork which promoted knowledge, dispositions and applications of the widely used Lean body of knowledge and practice. The pilot study implemented a series of 30 lessons and incorporated a flipped pedagogy of online videos and animations, supported by in-class teacher-led sessions and student teamwork. Lean is a way to improve paradigms through critical thinking and reflection (habits of mind and heart) and to improve processes through piloting of ideas and solutions (habits of hand). It relies on everyone to respect individual and collective potential (respect for people) and to use continuous improvement as a committed way to create value (the pursuit of perfection). The study sought to answer a variety of questions [...]