Registration Available for The Lean Experience® June Course

The Lean Learning Center offers an innovative program this June. The 5-day program begins your company’s lean transformation by challenging the way that you approach your work. Demanding customers? In a competitive market? Growth by acquisitions and mergers, needing a common way to improve? Company has divisions using a variety of improvement approaches needing alignment? The need to improve is crystal clear. We have tried six sigma, 8D, TQM, PMI, IPM, Lamda, Triz and more. None of these seem to “fit” and spark cohesive improvement across the company. My company doesn’t have time for second best. We have to do what it takes to be the clear leader at what we do. We need something that works right now to generate cash to pay the bills and grow the business. We have a good team. We have good trends. Our customers like us. We want to keep it that way. If you identified with even one of the above statements you are a candidate for The Lean Experience®. This course is designed for all members of the team from the newest sales person to the executive level. The class is a proven immersion into why to choose lean, what lean [...]