Powering the Lean Enterprise – Learning from Reflection

In a review of Powering the Lean Enterprise: Fundamentals of Lean for Super-Charging Your Company & Your Life, by Bill Artzberger, Beth Wonson, CEO of Beth Wonson Consulting and an author herself of a book on self-management, Wonson writes: Bill Artzberger captures and harnesses what is missing in so many faltering corporate improvement initiatives: 1) the importance of structured reflection on what is actually happening, and 2) using this reflection to learn and relearn how to proceed for sustainable, long term improvement. Powering the Lean Enterprise is an easy and enjoyable must read for the leadership of any enterprise that is stuck and can’t quite figure out why strategic planning, goal setting and top down mandates for improved outcomes won't yield success. This book will quickly become a dog-eared resource on the desk of successful business leaders. In the book, Artzberger points out when discussing systematic problem solving, or lean’s Principle Number Four, that this principle refers to the manner in which organizations think about and look at problems. Reflection as well as perception and attitude play critical roles in the lean process of problem solving. “In general, problems are viewed as a negative thing,” one of the lean coaches (Warren) says to his client (Vicki), “but actually, problems are opportunities to [...]

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