Conquer Winter and Take Advantage of Spring with the 2017 Land Rover LR4

The truly dynamic Land Rover LR4, also referred to as the Land Rover Discovery, gives drivers the privilege of enjoying all four seasons with exceptional comfort, performance, and off-road capabilities. The desire to live an active lifestyle shouldn’t be limited due to nasty seasonal road conditions. For those who want to continue to be active year-round and need a vehicle to match their adventurous lifestyle, the 2017 Land Rover LR4 is the answer. The LR4 is comprised of a well-balanced split personality, offering comfort and performance for the daily commute, as well as exceptional handling and off-road capabilities for weekend adventures. Comfort and Connectivity in All Terrain The 2017 Land Rover LR4 that is set to be released early this year, has a redesigned exterior to be more appealing by substituting flowing lines for the previous models’ sharp corners. The added technology features for entertainment, navigation, and much more give the driver a sense of overall connectivity with the vehicle. Three spacious rows of comfortable leather seating make the LR4 the perfect SUV for road trips and getaways. If you’re traveling by yourself or just one other person and need some extra cargo room, the second and third rows are individually foldable [...]