Jaguar Offers a Taste of Elegance in the Sporty 2018 Jaguar XF Sedan

The 2018 Jaguar XF sedan incorporates a winning combination of luxury, sport and technology There is an heir of luxury in the sleek 2018 Jaguar XF Sedan. This distinctive ride emanates prestige for its eager travelers. Whether it is a peaceful ride along the Santa Barbara coastline or a test drive in the city from your friendly Jaguar Santa Barbara dealer, the journey is smooth and abundant with elegance. Along with a much lighter weight exterior, shedding more than 400lbs in its latest aluminum body architecture, this luxurious sedan provides an energetic ride. With redesigned full LED headlights, larger grille and increased wheelbase of more than 50mm, the 2018 Jaguar XF is sure to please the eyes of Jaguar aficionados. Adding to its lustrous appeal the interior XF offers your choice of leathers in the upholstery, wood veneer finishes, heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel and soft-close doors. A variety of luxurious and sporty models offered in the 2018 Jaguar XF The 2018 Jaguar XF offers six models varying in design and are guaranteed to perform. These include the driver-focused, practical XF; the contemporary XF Premium; the powerful and confident XF Prestige; the combination of sport, comfort, and [...]

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The Jaguar EliteCare Advantage Guarantees Select Maintenance and Service 365 Days per Year

Jaguar owners have a great opportunity for guaranteed maintenance and service in the Jaguar EliteCare Commitment The Jaguar Santa Barbara commitment doesn’t end at the purchase of your new or pre-owned vehicle. The security comes from knowing that Jaguar’s reputation of quality and workmanship offers the best service and maintenance coverage opportunity around and it begins as soon as your luxurious vehicle departs onto the streets of Santa Barbara. Jaguar EliteCare makes it even more enticing to own a Jaguar. Every Jaguar service provider is eager to be there no matter the circumstance. Whether it sales, service or maintenance, customer satisfaction is the focus of each brand-trained service provider. Stop in at Jaguar Santa Barbara and find out about the benefits of the Jaguar EliteCare Advantage. Features of Jaguar EliteCare service and maintenance keep customers secure in every situation Jaguar has a commitment to the owner of every Jaguar to provide excellence in service and maintenance. It begins with the complimentary Jaguar EliteCare Advantage. This service offers best-in-class 5-year/60,000-mile coverage, complimentary scheduled maintenance, roadside assistance and the Jaguar InControl Remote and Protect technology. The Jaguar InControl Remote and Protect technology ensures that you’re protected 24 hours per day, 7 days [...]

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2017 Jaguar F-Pace Enters SUV Arena with Athletic Look and Sporty Feel

Jaguar impressively translates the high-performance and exquisite style of their luxury sedans into crossover SUV form with the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace. Reluctant to enter SUV territory, Jaguar makes it happen with the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace. This sporty new vehicle with muscular tones offers Powertrains in either the standard 340-hp or the optional 380-hp supercharged V-6. Both all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatics, this rugged SUV with its 80% aluminum construction is light in comparison to its competitors, offering superior body control. This masculine ride has higher ground clearance and additional suspension for smooth travel on all-terrain. 81% of the F-Pace’s components are new. The on-center steering is on target while the turn-in response makes steering effortless. Adding to the ease of the ride are the upsized 22-inch wheels, with increased leg-room, ample foot-space and plenty of head room for people over 6-feet tall. The panoramic view adds to the spacious comfort. This crossover is athletic and luxurious with interior and exterior qualities to please the eyes. One of many reasons Jaguar Santa Barbara is proud to be an authorized Jaguar dealer. New InControl Touch Pro System offers infotainment to 2017 Jaguar F-Pace Technology a must, the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace SUV offers [...]

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Jaguar’s First Venture into the Electric Vehicle Arena a Success

The futuristic Jaguar I-Pace concept CUV is sleek and innovative, yet keeps some of Jaguar’s signature characteristics. Sporting its Jaguar grille, oval leaper badge, front wheel arches; the stout automaker is one of many reasons Jaguar Santa Barbara is a proud distributor of premium auto brands. A prototype of Jaguar's first fully functional electric vehicle taken to task as it hits the streets of London for test-driving. I-Pace is also due to be released to the global markets in latter 2018. The amazing all-wheel drive CUV tested on closed road of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London’s East End. Public opinion was Jaguar’s motivation to model the I-Pace as it maneuvered through England’s capital. Gawkers and passersby’s alike could not deny the elegance and innovation as the Jaguar drew senses as it decorated British streets with its new design. I-Pace Characteristics Revealed Some of Jaguar’s I-Pace favored essentials include its ability to accelerate to 60 mph (97 km/h) in about 4 seconds, with a charge length of more than 310 miles. Spouting zero emissions, the compact, lightweight, all-wheel drive vehicle has a torque output of 394 hp and 516 lb.-ft. Unveiled in the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, this showcase CUV has a spacious interior [...]

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The Jaguar XE Delivers Sport, Luxury, and Efficiency

The Jaguar XE proves to customers that being the least expensive Sedan the brand offers does not mean quality needs to be compromised. Jaguar as a brand has never been well known for offering low-priced vehicles. They provide some of the highest quality products in the market and their prices have always been consistent with their product. However, the low price of the new Jaguar XE is almost making the brand seem charitable. This car was made for drivers who want the luxury and style of the Jaguar experience, but are looking to pay a reasonable price. The Jaguar XE is anything but average. It ranks at the top of the list in the sport sedan category, offering the thrill of a sports car with the practicality of a sedan. Choose Between XE Diesel or XE S For the time being, the Jaguar XE will be available in two options, (with another arriving shortly after): the 180-hp diesel or the driver’s choice, supercharged, 340-hp V-6 XE S. Either route you choose, you will be thoroughly satisfied, however, it is more likely that the XE S will be the crowd favorite. The XE S manages to keep its body to a [...]

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Don’t Miss Jaguar Santa Barbara’s Impeccable Timing Sales Event

Jaguar Santa Barbara will be offering a full suite of sales on a variety of new and pre-owned Jaguar models from February 1st to March 31st. Jaguar Santa Barbara’s Impeccable Timing Sales Event is the perfect chance for Jaguar enthusiasts to get their favorite new model with the opportunity of big savings. With all of the groundbreaking innovations Jaguar made to their 2016 models, this is an exciting time to shop for a Jaguar. For nearly a century, Jaguar has remained as an iconic brand recognized for delivering performance and luxury neatly packed into a stylish exterior. So if you are in the market for a premium luxury vehicle, now is the time to visit Jaguar Santa Barbara. The Impeccable Timing Sales Event will be showcasing some of Jaguar’s favorite models with special lease/finance options. One model that has been impressing Jaguar enthusiasts since it was released is the new Jaguar F-Pace. The 2016 F-Pace is Jaguar’s first model to be built in the Crossover SUV class. Engineers at Jaguar demonstrated the brand’s versatility with the F-Pace by designing an extremely stylish crossover that embodies the sport and luxury of their more recognizable models. However, if you are the type of [...]

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Jaguar Unveils Plans for the Brand’s First-Ever Electric Luxury Vehicle

The I-PACE Concept SUV represents a defining moment in Jaguar history as the brand enters into the accelerating world of electric vehicles. As the auto industry continues to shift toward more sustainable practices, most automotive brands have been experimenting with hybrid and/or fully electric vehicles. Brands such as Ford, Chevy, Kia, and BMW have all succeeded in creating fully electric vehicles (EV’s). In fact, EVObsession, a blog for EV enthusiasts, has named each of them in the top ten best electric cars. However, after hearing Jaguar’s plans for their new I-PACE concept car it’s fair to say that the competition will have to step their game up by 2018, when the I-PACE is set to be released. Turning a New Leaf for Electric Vehicles With the latest advances in EV’s, engineers at Jaguar have taken advantage of the packaging opportunities offered by electrification and have completely rethought the overall proportions of their average luxury vehicle. The I-PACE takes its advanced cab-forward design from Jaguar’s C-X75 supercar and combines it with the smooth silhouette of a coupe in a five-seat SUV. Jaguar’s Director of Design explained in a recent interview how proportional opportunities have not yet been addressed by current EV’s. [...]

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Jaguar Translates the Brand’s Essence from Car to Crossover with the 2017 F-Pace

Though Jaguar is one of the last brands to release an SUV, the Jaguar F-Pace proves, once again, the brand’s creativity and originality. It isn’t easy to translate the essence of a car to crossover SUV, but Jaguar rose to the challenge and exceeded expectations. In fact, Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum claims that it’s the toughest job his team has ever had to tackle, but the outcome was well worth the sweat and frustration. After a few setbacks and redesigns, the F-Pace was introduced combining the lively face of Jaguar’s sedans with the athletic rear fenders of the F-Type, and a sleek roofline that should negate the need for any alternative coupe-style option to be offered. The Jaguar F-Pace is priced like a compact luxury SUV, but is built more like a mid-size with ample cargo room. Visit Porsche Santa Barbara to learn more about the new F-Pace and other Jaguar models from brand-trained experts. Experience the Luxury of Jaguar’s Intelligent Design Team The new Jaguar F-Pace offers as much in style as it does in performance. The exterior of the F-Pace turns heads. It was visually inspired by the F-Type giving it the body of a sports car, [...]

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Why You Should Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar

Drivers enjoy top performance and quality with the Jaguar Certified Pre-Owned program available now at Jaguar Santa Barbara. Did you know you can finally get into the car of your dreams for less than you might have thought was possible? Thanks to Jaguar’s Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program, drivers can enjoy premium performance for a great value. The Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned program pays comprehensive attention to detail to ensure each vehicle meets exacting standards, offers the best quality, and exceeds customer satisfaction. Find Your Favorite at Jaguar Santa Barbara At Jaguar Santa Barbara, we are proud to offer a diverse array of Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar vehicles. While model inventory is always changing, the value and quality remain the same. For example, each Jaguar Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with a Certified Pre-Owned Warranty. This limited warranty is added to any remaining new car warranty. It is designed to cover any unexpected repairs due to mechanical or electrical failure. Your car is guaranteed to be serviced by a certified Jaguar technician using only genuine Jaguar parts. This way you know your vehicle received the expert attention and care you expect from the Jaguar brand. The Certified Pre-Owned Warranty covers the vehicle for [...]

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Jaguar XJ Earns Top Luxury Car Total Quality Score in Strategic Vision Report

The Jaguar XJ was named as the top Luxury Car in the Total Quality Impact™ Study released this summer.  Santa Barbara, CA July, 2016 - Jaguar Santa Barbara is proud to announce that the Jaguar XJ has earned the highest Total Quality score in the Luxury Car Segment of the 22nd annual Strategic Vision Inc. Total Quality Impact™ study. The report was released in June and measures the overall ownership experience of vehicles within different segments. Owners are surveyed on different aspects of their purchase, ownership, and driving experience and the results are correlated into a comprehensive analytical study. Jaguar is pleased to be given the highest Total Quality Score for the Luxury Car Segment because it represents a comprehensive rating of both the Jaguar XJ vehicle and the general Jaguar ownership experience. To be named the best in this category is a remarkable accomplishment. The Total Quality Impact™ study measures many aspects of vehicle ownership including positive and negative quality and performance experiences, reliability, driving excitement, and more. “We are thrilled that the Jaguar XJ has been recognized for its outstanding total ownership experience,” shares Jaguar Santa Barbara General Sales Manager, Scott Westbrook. “The Jaguar XJ represents the latest in Jaguar [...]

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