The Jaguar EliteCare Advantage Guarantees Select Maintenance and Service 365 Days per Year

Jaguar owners have a great opportunity for guaranteed maintenance and service in the Jaguar EliteCare Commitment The Jaguar Santa Barbara commitment doesn’t end at the purchase of your new or pre-owned vehicle. The security comes from knowing that Jaguar’s reputation of quality and workmanship offers the best service and maintenance coverage opportunity around and it begins as soon as your luxurious vehicle departs onto the streets of Santa Barbara. Jaguar EliteCare makes it even more enticing to own a Jaguar. Every Jaguar service provider is eager to be there no matter the circumstance. Whether it sales, service or maintenance, customer satisfaction is the focus of each brand-trained service provider. Stop in at Jaguar Santa Barbara and find out about the benefits of the Jaguar EliteCare Advantage. Features of Jaguar EliteCare service and maintenance keep customers secure in every situation Jaguar has a commitment to the owner of every Jaguar to provide excellence in service and maintenance. It begins with the complimentary Jaguar EliteCare Advantage. This service offers best-in-class 5-year/60,000-mile coverage, complimentary scheduled maintenance, roadside assistance and the Jaguar InControl Remote and Protect technology. The Jaguar InControl Remote and Protect technology ensures that you’re protected 24 hours per day, 7 days [...]

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Drivers Enjoy Confidence on the Road with Jaguar EliteCare

Jaguar offers owners a comprehensive service, maintenance, and roadside assistance program to keep each new vehicle in top condition and give drivers confidence on the road. Did you know Jaguar drivers enjoy best-in-class service and care with the Jaguar EliteCare program? Through this benefit, owners get 5-year/60,000-mile coverage and complimentary scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance. In fact, Jaguar was recently rated “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Dealer Service among Luxury Brands” by J.D. Power and Company. Keep your Car in Top Condition Jaguar EliteCare gives drivers peace of mind knowing their vehicle is in good hands and will receive the care and service it needs to stay in top condition. Jaguar builds each vehicle to exacting standards of excellence and wants to ensure each driver continues to enjoy exceptional performance. As a finely-tuned machine, each vehicle requires careful maintenance and ongoing service to keep it operating at the highest level. The best way to keep your Jaguar running in perfect condition is to keep regular service appointments at your local dealer, Jaguar Santa Barbara. Jaguar-trained technicians know every Jaguar model inside and out and have the expertise necessary to properly care for your vehicle. Additionally, Jaguar technicians will certify that [...]

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