Intuition is Useful in Business

A leisure activity for all of us, but also a source of research and study, business periodicals help keep us in the know. There is a heap of them, and they can be more palatable than manuals, graphs and reports. We read them to keep up with developments in the industry and to live the adventure vicariously through others. If we admit that we are vulnerable to the same mistakes and force ourselves to contemplate how we would react, it may improve our decision making, and help us avoid the mistakes others have made. Over time, by combining these “lessons learned” with your own experience and judgement you may begin to develop a sort of ESP about your operations. No, not the sports channel: Extra Sensory Perception. Its perception occurring independently of any sensory process and includes telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, precognition and retro cognation. A tantalizing hypothesis, nut at this point in our evolution, one still considered by most to be baloney, and I agree. However, the Spidey-Sense” that experienced leaders develop is a real and proven trait. It’s called intuition. Intuition is like your peripheral vision, you don’t notice it unless there is something to see. It comes from [...]