Partner with Endodontic Care to Retreat Infected Root Canals

When working with patients who require retreatment of a root canal, it is a good idea to partner with an endodontic team to provide an elevated level of collaborative care. Root canal treatments are generally so efficient that they last a lifetime. However, even when teeth have been treated properly, there is still a small chance for reinfection. If a tooth becomes painful or diseased months or years following treatment an additional procedure may be necessary to save the tooth. In these situations, the American Association of Endodontics recommends that the treatment is completed by an endodontist due to the more complicated nature of the procedure. Offer Specialized Care for Root Canal Retreatment Cases When working with patients who need to have a root canal retreated, it is important to explain how the procedure is still the best option for saving their natural tooth. By referring patients to an endodontist for retreatment, you can give them peace of mind that the treatment will be completed properly. Endodontists have extensive training in diagnosing and treating tooth infection including unique circumstances including: Narrow or curved canals that are difficult to treat Complicated canal anatomy Improper restoration placement and sealing New decay that [...]