Innovative Components are the Key to Advanced Engineering Developments

Huron Automatic Screw Company supports ongoing innovations within a diverse array of industries in the United States by developing high-quality components essential to new products and processes. Ongoing engineering innovations drive the technology of our day. As a society, we have come to expect our tools, machines, and way of life to improve with time. We are not disappointed. With every passing day, new methods, processes, materials, and tools are developed that drive technology and new developments. At Huron Automatic Screw Company, we are also dedicated to continual improvement and we recognize the efforts and tools that make this process possible. Components Enable Innovation Think about it. Even the most advanced products depend on the precision performance and reliability of their components. Whether you are considering the newest sport performance automobiles, heavy-duty trucking engines, military vehicles, marine engines, pump systems and more - a collection of screws, nuts, bolts, studs, and other individual components is what holds it all together and enables the design to function properly. As a premier manufacturer of custom fasteners, Huron Automatic Screw Company is dedicated to providing components of the highest quality and reliability. Engineers, developers, and designers have relied on our expert team for [...]

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SmartFinds Internet Marketing Announces Completion of Interactive Web Site Animation for Guardian Industries

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Sept. 02, 2008 - SmartFinds Internet Marketing announces the development and launch of a new interactive web site animation. The animation was developed for Guardian Industries as part of the company's larger project to enhance the functionality and overall experience of the company's website. "This was truly a team effort in working closely with Guardian Industries' marketing team to develop the interactive web site animation," commented Melih Oztalay. "We are very pleased to have been a part of the process." The dynamic and interactive animation shows how Guardian Industries is involved in everyday life. The new graphic loads on the home page showing a landscape with urban skyline, residential neighborhood and a car. Visitors can scroll over the buildings, homes or car; and "hot spots" indicate where Guardian Industries makes a particular product for that application. The company is a leading global manufacturer of glass, automotive and building products. "Together with SmartFinds, we've created a Guardian brand experience that exposes people to the breadth of our product offering," said Earnest Thompson, Guardian's director of corporate marketing and brand management. "With one click, customers are delivered to appropriate areas of the site based on their interests. We've made [...]

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