Simple Steps to Help Increase Fertility

There are many ways couples can try to increase their ability to conceive by making basic lifestyle adjustments and implementing simple early fertility treatment options. Couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant have many early options to help maximize their ability to conceive. These may include making adjustments to one’s diet, exercise routine, sleep schedule, or stress levels. By focusing on personal health and wellness, partners can work to improve their fertility. For example, there are many different nutritional and vitamin supplements and healthy food choices that provide the nutrients one needs to support fertility in a natural way. Of course, people should consult their doctor before starting a new diet, exercise regime, or taking supplements or vitamins to ensure their choices are as helpful, safe, and effective as possible. There are a myriad of diet and lifestyle choices that support reproductive health including: Vitamin E: Found in foods such as oysters, nuts, pork and lamb helps to increase sperm motility Ginseng: Helps to increase the motility of sperm and sperm count Avoiding Caffeine and Alcohol: These drinks contribute to higher body mass index and can negatively impact the health of a baby during pregnancy. Quit Smoking: Cigarette [...]

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