Loyal Customers Earn Cash on Their Next smart car Purchase

Smart customers can earn loyalty cash if they are a current owner of a Mercedes-Benz, smart, or sprinter vehicle. Smart wants to reward loyal owners for their returning purchase. The brand is now offering a loyalty cash incentive of $1,000 for all 2015 smart models and the 2016 smart ED coupe. This means any customer who currently owns or leases a Mercedes-Benz, smart, or Sprinter vehicle is eligible for the loyalty cash incentive on their next qualifying smart purchase. The program is available at smart dealerships across the nation including smart center Santa Barbara at Santa Barbara Auto Group. To be eligible for the incentive, customers simply need to produce a valid registration card for a Mercedes-Benz, smart, or sprinter vehicle. The cash incentive can be used on any 2015 model year including the following: smart Pure Coupe: This model is the spunky fun original. It offers a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine and optional 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that delivers a powerful boost. Additional features such as LED daytime running headlights and optional Bluetooth connectivity are top favorites. smart Passion Coupe: This model is sporty and sleek and offers the extra features drivers crave. A standard leather steering wheel and three [...]