Home Care Tips for Summer Travel

ComForcare Home Care clients like to spend time in the summer visiting friends, relatives, or heading out for some relaxation.  No matter the reason, summertime is travel season. Whether flying to see relatives, going on a cruise or taking a road trip, use these tips for safe and healthy summer travels: Tell friends and family where you’re going. If traveling alone or even with your spouse, let your children, home care provider, and neighbors know where you are going and how long you will be gone. Your neighbors can look after your home and your family can check in with you every couple of days to make sure everything is okay. Update and carry extra medication. Before you leave on a trip, make sure you have more than enough medication to last the duration of the trip. Also bring a list of your current medications, allergies and emergency contacts and carry the list with you at all times in case of a medical emergency. Pack a carry-on. Pack a snack, three to four days of medication, a change of clothes and some essential toiletries to carry with you on the plane or within easy reach in the car. Beat the [...]

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Home Care Health Tips: Staying Hydrated

ComForcare Home Care encourages seniors to get out and enjoy the warm summer months by taking walks, participating in outdoor activities and games, attending concerts, sporting events, and family gatherings.  It is important to remember though, that as temperatures rise, everyone – especially seniors – need to increase their daily intake of water. Health Care Benefits of Water Water is essential for proper health care and body function.  Without it, the average person would only live for about three days.  This is because the body is made up of about 60% water which is responsible for aiding many bodily functions.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water helps your body discharge toxins and waste through bowel movements, sweat and urine.  Water also helps keep cells full and elastic, and helps shuttle nutrients, energy, and immune cells throughout your body. In addition to assisting with basic body functions, water has many practical health care benefits such as: -       Improving concentration -       Decreasing fatigue and moodiness -       Preventing headaches -       Improving joint and muscle pain -       Preventing lower back pain -       Preventing infections -       Improving skin and preventing wrinkles -       Preventing kidney stones -       Reducing cholesterol and high blood [...]

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