Domestic Automotive Manufacturing Suppliers Sustain National Economic Growth

Domestic manufacturing suppliers are playing an important role in boosting the nation’s economy by supporting the growth of the U.S. motor vehicle manufacturing industry. According to recent reports from the Motor and Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (MEMA), domestic manufacturing is playing a significant part in rebuilding the United States’ economy.   Thanks to the hard work of domestic suppliers around the country, the U.S. motor vehicle parts manufacturing industry helps create and support jobs in every state in the country and touches nearly every industry in some way. Most notably, these companies support the light and heavy-duty trucking and automotive aftermarket industries as they continue to grow. Dedicated Supply Chain Enables Growth MEMA provides insight and a voice for the motor vehicle supplier industry and is proud to announce the growth that has come as a result of its members and other suppliers within the automotive market. Following the economic downturn, many manufacturing companies struggled for a time, and yet the industry survived and is now continuing to grow as a result of the concerted efforts of a diverse array of manufacturing suppliers. In fact, thanks to the direct and indirect employment of these companies, MEMA reports that an additional 1.62 million [...]