The Handler™ Home and Garden Tool System Now Available Online

The Handler System™ garden tool system delivers state-of-the-art design quality and is now available online. January 2013 - The Handler System™, an advanced technology tool handle with a series of interchangeable home and garden tool heads and garage storage system, is now exclusively available online through a select premium retailer for $99.00. The Handler System™ comes with 4 interchangeable heads: a dirt shovel, a 14-tine metal yard rake, a 22-tine leaf rake, and a 24 in. push broom. A series of additional heads for indoor and outdoor use will continue to be released for purchase online. Interchangeable heads attach to the The Handler’s™ unbreakable 48-inch-long fiberglass handle. The Handler™ is made out of complex aerospace materials that will withstand abuse even under the most strenuous conditions. With these durable materials, The Handler™ can withstand the most strenuous conditions and is guaranteed for life. The ergonomic handle includes a D grip for improved comfort and performance. The patented nylon locking tip mechanism with stainless steel ball bearings locks to each of the interchangeable heads. The locking tip mechanism is actuated by a push button securely contained within the D grip and will remained locked with an applied pull force in excess [...]

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The Handler System™ Project Guide: Tool Storage and Maintenance

Ask Brad: The Home and Garden Tool Expert   The Handler System™ inventor, Brad Blanchard, shares tips and advice on home and garden tools and projects.  This week he shares the best ways to maintain and store yard tools for the winter.    What is the proper way to store yard tools?   Taking care of your yard tools is one of the best ways to ensure they continue to stay in top working condition for years to come.  During the winter, you may not use your yard tools as often, so to ensure they stay in the best condition, it is important to give them a little extra care and store them away properly.   Keep Tools Clean Keeping your tools clean may seem like common sense, but it is an important first step in any maintenance program.  After each use, be sure to wash off any dirt or debris from your shovels, rakes, and brooms.  The easiest way to do this is to run the tool under a hose until it is clean.  For items that rust, you should remove the deposits with steel wool.  Some metal components can also be oiled or buffed before they are stored [...]

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