Planning for Retirement and Home Care Services

Prepare for life after working by considering elderly living options and the home care services provided within them. Reaching retirement is an exciting, yet often confusing, period in our lives. Suddenly, our days are no longer regimented, our homes are a bit emptier as our children have grown, and, unfortunately, our bodies are not as capable as they once were. As a result, many senior citizens must assess their situations and decide what their best living option is when retired. For majority of senior citizens, one of two things is important to them when making this decision: either they want to be near family, or they want to be near friends or peers who are similar in age. In either case, home care services might become a necessity at some point in retirement. In-home care is a great way for seniors to get extra assistance with daily tasks, transportation, or medical support in the privacy of their own home. Here are a few things to consider, courtesy of Alliance Senior Care, when choosing your retirement living situation. Where do you Want to Live? For most people, the biggest thing to consider when deciding where to live is ‘who do I [...]

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ComForcare Home Care Designates September as Healthy Aging® Month

ComForcare home care agency spreads awareness about healthy behaviors. ComForcare Home Care promotes September as Healthy Aging® Month.  In an effort to create public awareness dispelling “the myths of aging”, the Educational Television Network created a national campaign specifically addressing the positive aspects of growing older. The campaign seeks to focus on the needs, strengths, and desires of the growing number of older adults in our society. As we gear up for fall, here are some health tips to rejuvenate and inspire as we inch toward the holiday season. ComForcare Home Care challenge for improved physical health:  Know your numbers. ComForcare encourages clients to be proactive regarding their personal health by monitoring cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  Requesting simple blood tests can reveal important information about your cholesterol and sugar levels; learning what those numbers reveal can improve your health. If your numbers indicate problems, work with your doctor to implement healthy lifestyle changes. ComForcare Home Care challenge for improved mental health:  Try something new. Keep your mind sharp by learning something new. Learning a foreign language, a musical instrument, or new computer skills helps fill the intellectual void that many seniors feel upon retiring.  Starting a book club or [...]

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Home Care Provider Offers Clients Extra Measure of Protection against Falls

ComForcare Home Care caregivers provide clients with assistance at home to help prevent dangerous falls that could endanger their health.  ComForcare is working to help reduce the number of falls among seniors.  The home care agency offers free fall assessment services and also companionship and home care services for clients in the comfort of their own home. As the body ages, bones may lose some of their strength and density, causing them to be more susceptible to breaks or fractures.  According to a study by the University of Michigan, researchers believe there is a critical window of time between the moment a person’s brain senses a fall and the time it takes for muscles to respond.  When this time is lengthened, the delay makes it more difficult to recover and results in a more serious fall. According to the study, many areas of the brain actually sense and respond to a fall much earlier than when the muscles actually respond.  The researchers looked into what parts of the brain sense the fall and when.  They found that this method can actually help determine if a person falls because their muscles don’t respond soon enough or if they lack the physical [...]

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Home Care Guide: Research Examines Link between Volunteering and Better Mental Health

ComForcare Home Care encourages seniors to discover ways they can volunteer in their community to boost their mental health.  Home care experts agree, no matter your age, there are always steps you can take to help improve your health and well-being.  According to a recent study, one of those ways is volunteering to help others.  The study was published by BMW Public Health, a peer-reviewed journal, and presented evidence that volunteering may benefit mental health and survival.  Researchers acknowledge that further studies need to be done to solidify how and why this occurs. Although it is a common idea that helping others has a positive effect on attitude, these findings suggest even more.  They have found that in those who frequently volunteer, mental health actually improves in areas of depression, life satisfaction, and well-being.  In light of this, the team at ComForcare encourages clients and their families to find fun ways to volunteer. Here are some ideas for volunteering: Read to children at a local school.  Many elementary schools and libraries have programs where people from the community can come and read to students during the week.  It is a great way to meet and support children in the community, [...]

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ComForcare Encourages Seniors to Make the Most of the Summer

Home care clients are encouraged to get out and enjoy their favorite summer activities with families and friends. ComForcare Home Care is dedicated to promoting the independence and quality of life for every client it serves. One of the best ways to improve your quality of life is to spend time with loved ones.  Summer allows plenty of opportunities to visit, play, relax or simply appreciate the joys of living. Enjoy the Outdoors Spend time outside. Invite grandchildren over for some outdoor games, or ask your home care provider to accompany you on an evening walk.  Take precautions when it is especially warm by limiting the amount of time spent sun, wearing protective clothing and sunscreen and drinking plenty of water. Grow Something Another fun way to enjoy the summer is to maintain a simple garden.  This can be as easy as growing flowers in the patio pots, or herbs in window boxes.  Select plant varieties native to your location and watch as they attract butterflies or birds. Look forward to harvest time when you can share your home-grown vegetables with family, friends and neighbors. Cook Fresh Meals Speaking of vegetables, summer also brings an even wider variety of fresh [...]

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ComForcare Franchise Owners Value Reliable and Personalized Home Care Services

ComForcare owners share their experience owning and managing a home care franchise in Tennessee. Home care came as a natural decision for Keith and Glenda Burke when they were looking into a new career path.  Both had previous experience dealing with the challenges of finding reliable and affordable home care services for their aging parents.  The couple chose to pursue a home care franchise with ComForcare because they were drawn to the company’s patient-centered care process. Driven by Personal Experience Keith helped his brothers care for their parents when his mother and father were both diagnosed with cancer.  Similarly, Glenda provided support for her mother and father as while they dealt with various challenges as they aged.  Her father was confined to a wheelchair following a stroke, after which, her mother’s health began to deteriorate.  For both Keith and Glenda, the responsibilities of caring for both of their parents were very demanding and greatly affected their families. As a result of these experiences, the couple wanted to provide other families with assistance caring for elderly loved ones.  They understood the financial, emotional, and physical challenges of providing home care for a family member, and wanted to make sure others in [...]

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ComForcare Franchise Owners Enjoy Success and Growth in Home Care Industry

Home care franchise owners are pleased with their choice to open a ComForcare franchise, wishing they could have made the move sooner in life. ComForcare home care franchises provide owners the opportunity to enter the thriving home care industry.  Despite recent economic challenges during the past few years, the home care industry is growing to meet the ever-increasing demands of the aging baby-boomer population. “There are just not enough assisted living facilities to take care of the people who need support,” said ComForcare franchise owner, Joel Fitts. Fitts opened a ComForcare franchise in 2004 and has enjoyed his home care career.  His only regret is that he did not make the investment sooner in life. Fitts currently manages a home care team of more than 30 individuals, each providing the highest standard of home care.  The office plans to hire more as the business continues to expand.  ComForcare offers home care services to assist individuals and families who are dealing with the challenges of aging, recovering from a serious illness or injury, or require extra care to manage a chronic condition.  Home care services include light housekeeping, personal grooming assistance, transportation assistance, medication reminders, companionship, meal preparation and more.  Services [...]

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ComForcare Encourages Families to Prepare for Health Emergencies

ComForcare Home Care urges families to create an emergency plan in case an aging loved one becomes ill or injured.  Bloomfield Hills, MI, 2013 – ComForcare encourages families to talk with aging loved ones and create an emergency plan so the entire family has a plan of action to follow in case an unexpected health problem arises.  Knowing that home care services may become necessary and the options available for this care may make it easier to cope with a health emergency. For some families, this may be a difficult or sensitive topic to consider, but having a plan in place provides peace of mind, clarity and direction when an aging loved one experiences a fall, illness or has to have surgery. “By planning ahead, you prepare your family to handle emergencies because you have the information and direction necessary to make important decisions and find care for the well-being of your loved ones,” said ComForcare Home Care President, Mark Armstrong. With a plan in place, families know what steps to take and are prepared to cope with and manage the sudden and often permanent changes that can affect their loved ones. Most importantly, a plan will help maintain your [...]

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Home Care Tips: Helping Seniors Manage Seasonal Allergies

ComForcare offers suggestions to help family caregivers manage seasonal allergy symptoms for their older loved ones.  Bloomfield Hills, MI 2013 - ComForcare urges seniors to take extra precautions if they are experiencing allergy symptoms.  According to health experts, seniors can have complicating factors that make it difficult to deal with allergies such as lung disease or COPD.  If you notice a loved one having difficulty breathing, have them see a health care professional to determine if it is allergies or a more serious condition.  Since prevention is always the best defense, ComForcare offers suggestions for clients and their families to follow during the summer season. To minimize your loved ones’ exposure to seasonal allergens, stay indoors, keep the windows shut and use air conditioning, if available.  Set up a dehumidifier to dry the air.  When outdoors, stay away from dry grasses and keep car windows closed.  Wash hands after going outside or handling plants or gardens. If a loved one does have uncomfortable allergy symptoms, consult with a physician to see if any of the following would be helpful: Saline nasal sprays Eye drops Inhalers Skin cream for eczema Allergies can complicate chronic illnesses such as COPD. ComForcare offers reliable [...]

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Home Care Franchise Owners Find Satisfaction and Success with ComForcare

ComForcare is expanding to meet the growing demand for high-quality home care services and offers new franchise owners the opportunity to enter a satisfying career as a home care professional.  Bloomfield Hills, MI 2013 – ComForcare franchise owners are growing in number as the home care franchise expands nationally and globally.  Franchise owners have a unique opportunity to serve aging adults in their community by providing high-quality professional home care services. “Each ComForcare home care franchise is dedicated to being a quality home care provider to its clients and a strategic care partner within its community,” said ComForcare President, Mark Armstrong. ComForcare currently operates more than 170 independently-owned and operated franchise locations across the world and is actively recruiting those interested in learning more about the ComForcare franchise opportunity. Consider leaving a dead-end career or to breaking out of a high-stress career path to become part of a winning team dedicated to improving the lives and independence of those in their community.  ComForcare franchise owners have opportunities to build a business of their own while improving the quality of life for others. Again and again, ComForcare and its home care franchise owners are recognized for the high level of care [...]

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