Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2016 Celebrates Innovation and Growth

Manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers gathered in Las Vegas, NV to discuss and plan for the future of the Heavy Duty Aftermarket industry during the last week of January. At Huron Automatic Screw Company, we are dedicated to staying up with the latest innovations and processes within the precision machining industry. Because of this commitment, we have proudly joined with other manufacturers within the diverse array of industries we serve to support ongoing innovation and market improvements. One of the largest markets we serve is the heavy duty aftermarket industry. As a member of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association, we proudly support the ongoing improvement efforts within this market. Together with other industry members, we celebrated Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW16) and made it a priority to attend the conference and event of the week to review recent industry updates and future market changes. Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2016 The 11th Annual Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week was held January 25-28th at the Mirage Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. All week long, our company leaders came together with other industry experts to share insights and innovations and consider future implications within the market.   Featured events included a workshop on service shop [...]

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Huron Automatic Screw Company Looks towards the Future of the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Industry

Experts in the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Industry recently discussed the future of the market from both a manufacturer’s and buyer’s perspective. This January, industry experts from across the country gathered at the 2016 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference was one of the largest in the industry and welcomed members of the Heavy Duty Manufacturer’s Association and others in related industries to come together to share innovations, best practices, and projections for the future. Exploring the Industry’s Future One particular segment of the conference took a deep look at the future of the heavy duty aftermarket considering a variety of issues. It brought together industry experts from a variety of companies to discuss the future of the market. For example, panelists discussed potential aftermarket industry changes and the effects of those differences in the years to come. They also reviewed new potential markets that are emerging within the aftermarket industry and speculated on necessary planning and preparations that dealers, distributors, and suppliers should take to partner in that growth. New technologies, processes, and practices were discussed and a conversation on the most effective ways to implement these advances followed. Additionally, panelists speculated on the [...]

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