Home Care Benefits Available to Veterans

Federal benefits are available for qualifying individuals who served in the U.S. Military. Home care services can have a lasting, positive effect on the lives of older adults.  With the help of a home care service such as ComForcare Home Care, elderly individuals can enjoy living in the comfort of their own home knowing there is someone available to assist with daily tasks and to provide care and companionship.  For families, elderly care services provide peace of mind and confidence that their loved ones have someone looking out for them when family members cannot be there. Although there are numerous benefits from home care services, many families worry that they will not be able to provide professional assistance due to the expense.  Fortunately, there are many financial aid programs that can help supplement the cost of home care or provide additional benefits. Veteran’s Benefits For example, if your loved one served in the U.S. military, they may be eligible for home care service benefits through the Veteran’s Pension Fund.  Pension is a benefit paid to senior wartime veterans who have financial need.  These benefits are paid in addition to standard pension benefits.  Many veterans are not aware that they may [...]

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Home Care Transition of Care Program May Prevent Mental Decline for Alzheimer’s Patients

Home care assistance for Alzheimer’s patients may help slow mental decline following a hospital stay.  According to a recent study published in the June 19 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, Alzheimer’s patients who have been admitted to the hospital have a greater chance for accelerated mental decline following their admission.  This decline can result in a later transition to a nursing home or even death.  However, according to study researchers, having someone familiar at the hospital or available to offer Alzheimer’s care while making the transition home, can help slow the decline process. The researchers studied 800 people with mild cases of Alzheimer’s disease.  Each person was admitted to the hospital for one reason or another (fall, fainting, heart problems, abdominal pain, infection, etc.) and was evaluated for mental decline following their admission.  According to the study results, those who visited the hospital were twice as likely to have poorer mental capabilities following the stay.   Linking Delirium Delirium was the most common indicator of accelerated mental decay for hospital patients.  If an Alzheimer patient experienced symptoms of delirium including heightened confusion and unusual mood or behavior during their hospital stay, they were more likely to experience significant mental [...]

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Home Care Tips for Summer Travel

ComForcare Home Care clients like to spend time in the summer visiting friends, relatives, or heading out for some relaxation.  No matter the reason, summertime is travel season. Whether flying to see relatives, going on a cruise or taking a road trip, use these tips for safe and healthy summer travels: Tell friends and family where you’re going. If traveling alone or even with your spouse, let your children, home care provider, and neighbors know where you are going and how long you will be gone. Your neighbors can look after your home and your family can check in with you every couple of days to make sure everything is okay. Update and carry extra medication. Before you leave on a trip, make sure you have more than enough medication to last the duration of the trip. Also bring a list of your current medications, allergies and emergency contacts and carry the list with you at all times in case of a medical emergency. Pack a carry-on. Pack a snack, three to four days of medication, a change of clothes and some essential toiletries to carry with you on the plane or within easy reach in the car. Beat the [...]

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Home Care Guide to Balancing Work, Family, and Caregiving

Home care is a growing need for American families.  About 66 million adult Americans perform an average of 19 hours a week of caregiving duties for loved ones. Add that to a fulltime job and a family, and you have about 30 percent of adults who miss an average of seven days of work a year to help with elderly care responsibilities. Before getting worn out or frustrated, consider these points to manage your home care responsibilities. Talk to your employer. Many caregivers hide their home care responsibilities from their employers, but employers will have a better understanding of your circumstances and the use of your vacation and sick days if they know what you are facing. The Family and Medical Leave Act, entitles caregivers up to 12 weeks of paid time off, and the Parental and Serious Illness Leave Policy, entitles caregivers up to two weeks of paid leave. Not all employers will be equally understanding, but discrimination against family caregivers is unlawful. Ask about flexible hours. If you cannot take time off, ask your employer if you can work from home or alter your work hours so you can accommodate your loved one’s home care needs. Take time [...]

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Home Care Health Tips: Staying Hydrated

ComForcare Home Care encourages seniors to get out and enjoy the warm summer months by taking walks, participating in outdoor activities and games, attending concerts, sporting events, and family gatherings.  It is important to remember though, that as temperatures rise, everyone – especially seniors – need to increase their daily intake of water. Health Care Benefits of Water Water is essential for proper health care and body function.  Without it, the average person would only live for about three days.  This is because the body is made up of about 60% water which is responsible for aiding many bodily functions.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water helps your body discharge toxins and waste through bowel movements, sweat and urine.  Water also helps keep cells full and elastic, and helps shuttle nutrients, energy, and immune cells throughout your body. In addition to assisting with basic body functions, water has many practical health care benefits such as: -       Improving concentration -       Decreasing fatigue and moodiness -       Preventing headaches -       Improving joint and muscle pain -       Preventing lower back pain -       Preventing infections -       Improving skin and preventing wrinkles -       Preventing kidney stones -       Reducing cholesterol and high blood [...]

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Home Care Services Applaud Mothers and Fathers

Home care or elderly care services are often provided by close family members such as siblings, children, parents and spouses. Whether you are offering home care for your mother or father or they are caring for you, family is always somewhere you can turn for love and support. Today, sons and daughters celebrate their mothers and fathers in all kinds of ways. Here are a few ideas to celebrate mom and pop throughout the year: Give the gift of a good meal. If your mom and dad live nearby, take them out to brunch or dinner. If they prefer to stay at home, or have difficulty going out for a dinner, make them a special meal while they relax. Say thank you. If your parents live far away, give them a call to let them know how much you appreciate them or even go see them for a weekend visit. Tell your parents what they mean to you. Write your own card to give to your dad or mom. Using your own words is more personal and meaningful than a store-bought one, and you can customize it to tell him or her just how important they are to you. One [...]

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Home Care Clients May Benefit from Recent Study Linking Exercise, Technology and Memory Loss

Home care services support the needs of elderly care clients who are showing early signs of memory loss and dementia by assisting with personal care and household tasks. When it comes to health, disease prevention is always encouraged, and a new study performed by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota suggests there may be a clue in common lifestyle habits.  The study suggests that there is a link between computer use and exercise, and preventing the early onset of mild cognitive impairment in seniors.   Dr. Yonas Geda of the Mayo Clinic of Arizona studied more than 900 patients over the age of 70 in Minnesota who were questioned about their exercise habits, computer use and other technology uses.  Of the 314 participants who both exercised and used a computer, only 6 percent showed early signs of mild cognitive impairment when screened by a medical professional.  Of the 205 study participants who did not use a computer or exercise, nearly 20 percent showed early signs of mild cognitive impairment. With results like this, it makes sense to encourage seniors to participate in daily exercise and to engage in technology and computer use.  While study researchers cautioned that these results do not [...]

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ComForcare Reminds Seniors They Are Never Too Old to Play

Home care service providers such as ComForcare Home Care believe no one is ever too old to play and ComForcare encourages clients of all ages to live an active and full life. Those receiving services from a home care agency benefit from personal and homemaking assistance, and their caregivers also help them enjoy the activities they love. With warmer weather here, encourage the older adults in your life to get out and enjoy each day. Here are a few suggestions of activities you can share with a spouse, family member or a home care client: Go dancing. Get out on the town with friends and go dancing for an evening. Check out the dance classes offered at your local community or senior center. Go for a walk. Whether it is around the block or around the park, get outdoors and enjoy fresh air each day. Plan to walk in the early morning or evening to avoid the midday heat. Get moving. Ask a friend to join you in a game of racquetball or golf, or try a yoga or tai chi class. Many health clubs offer exercise classes specifically for seniors, so ask for a schedule and get active. Host a garden party. [...]

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