Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling Saves Resources and Energy for the U.S.

Scrap metal recycling companies like H&H Metals help preserve energy and natural resources in the United States by processing and recycling valuable non-ferrous scrap metal.   Non-ferrous recycled metals are unique in that they do not lose any chemical or physical properties when recycled.  Because of this, scrap metals such as aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc are uniquely useful in the scrap metal recycling industry.  In essence, there is no limit to the number of times non-ferrous scrap metals can be recycled.  Because of this, non-ferrous metal recycling is the best way to reduce landfill waste and support new manufacturing operations that require non-ferrous metal.  Recycled metal offers an incredibly sustainable solution for the growing demand of products made from non-ferrous metals.  For example, nearly 60% of the aluminum used in the United States comes from recycled aluminum scrap metal.   A Growing Industry For these and other reasons, the value of non-ferrous metal has increased in past years.  In the United States, the value of non-ferrous scrap metal has climbed 28% in one year to $40 billion in 2010.  Non-ferrous scrap metal accounts for over half of the total U.S. scrap recycling earnings in recent years.  Reports state [...]

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Electronics Recycling at H&H Metals

Electronic scrap metal can be processed and re-used in many ways both as new electronic components or in completely new capacities.   Electronics recycling is an important component of the metal recycling industry.  In 2011, the electronics recycling industry in the United States recycled almost 4 million tons of used and obsolete electronics.  As the number of new electronic devices entering the market today continues to grow, it is more and more important to responsibly manage electronics scrap metal waste.  By recycling e-scrap, useful metals can be reused for new devices and hazardous waste is processed in a safe manner, reducing the overall amount of garbage in landfills throughout the world.   Recycling Electronic Scrap H&H Metals encourages people to recycle old technology equipment such as televisions, computers, screens, tablets, cell phones, stereo equipment, and other electronic devices.  More than 70 percent of these electronic gadgets can be recycled to reuse the various components including plastic, steel, aluminum, and valuable metals such as gold, silver, and copper.  Once recycled, these e-scrap components can be used again in new products.   Almost 99% of the materials from electronics scrap can be reused in a new capacity or reprocessed and sold.  Valuable [...]

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H&H Metals Scrap Metal Facts: Brass Recycling

H&H Metals shares facts about private and industrial brass scrap metal recycling.    H&H Metals processes and recycles a wide array of scrap metals from copper to bronze to brass and steel.  Of these materials, brass is one that is commonly accepted, but not usually given much thought by consumers.  Brass itself is not a pure material - it is an alloy of copper, zinc, and other trace elements.  Because of its distinctive color and sheen, brass is often used for decorative purposes including jewelry, serving ware, carvings, and various art applications.   The history of brass dates back centuries, to the pre-historic era.  Due to the complicated nature of heating and creating brass, it was a more rare metal in ancient times.  Modern technology has standardized the process and brass is now used in a wide variety of applications including heating and plumbing.  Brass has strong thermal conducting properties and is used for pipes, valves, and other fixtures.   At H&H Metals, metal recycling encompasses many kinds of brass scrap components from private and industrial customers.  These include the following:   High Brass:  This brass alloy consists of 65% copper and 35% zinc and is used primarily for screws, [...]

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H&H Metals Offers Efficient Responsible Scrap Metal Recycling Services for the New Year

Scrap metal recycling company, H&H Metals encourages customers to evaluate current scrap metal management processes to implement the most effective and responsible solutions for the New Year.    Inkster, MI January, 2012 - H&H Metals is helping businesses stay committed or recommit to responsibly managing scrap metal in 2013.  According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI), scrap metal recycling has a dramatic effect on the United States economy and environment.  Each year, over 130 million tons of scrap metal are processed by scrap metal recycling companies to be reused by manufacturers from all industries.  Scrap metal recycling prevents the need to mine more virgin ore, and also helps preserve energy and other valuable natural resources.   “We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service for each of our scrap metal recycling clients,” states H&H Metals President, David Guz.  “We encourage our clients to take an objective look at their current process to determine where opportunities lie for making the scrap management process more effective and efficient.”   H&H Metals has the necessary equipment and technologies to process and recycle scrap metal in a way that maximizes the value of each commodity. Cost effectively preparing material [...]

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Scrap Metal Recycling Company Fosters Culture of Caring

Metal recycling company in Detroit, MI reaches out to support local charities and programs to strengthen the community from within.   H&H Metals is dedicated to supporting local programs, services, and charities to show their appreciation for the service given by so many others and to help make a difference in the community.   The Detroit-based metals recycling company believes giving back to the community is essential.  True to this belief, H&H Metals continually allocates resources to assist others in a myriad of ways.   Creating a Team Culture of Giving The entire team at H&H Metals shares this passion while dedicating their time to non-profits throughout the region. The metal recycling company encourages team members to serve on boards and committees that facilitate a similar vision of giving back.  Furthermore, H&H Metals is united in assisting with both financial and human capital.   Pulling Together with Detroit The Detroit community has a legacy of giving back.  In good times and bad, members of the city have a reputation for pulling together to support one another.  H&H Metals participates with others around the region to provide services and opportunities for those in need.  Whether it is supporting local children’s charities, educational [...]

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Recycled Steel and Its Advanced Applications

Recycled Steel is sourced in many ways, and its applications are virtually limitless.  H&H Metals examines three of the most common kinds of steel and their applications in daily life.  Metal recycling at H&H Metals includes a variety of materials, the most common being steel scrap.  One of the reasons steel recycling is so important is because of the large quantity of steel used throughout the world.  Steel is the most prevalent metal in many industries including residential and commercial construction, automotive, and infrastructure development.  It is also the most recycled metal in the world.  Thanks to modern metal recycling processes, recycled steel is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly resource.  Steel scrap metal can be sourced in many ways, and has a virtually endless array of new applications.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common: Household Applications - Stainless Steel One common type of household steel is stainless steel.  Stainless steel did not get its name because it never stains, but because it stains less than other steel alloys.  Stainless steel is made by blending chromium and occasionally nickel into steel.  It can be used for household appliances, storage containers, and architectural applications.   High Strength Modern [...]

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Recycled Steel Plays Integral Role in Modern Society

Steel scrap recycling is an important aspect of the metal recycling services offered by H&H Metals.  Steel is an integral part of infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, and other modern industries across the globe.  As a result, it is one of the most commonly used and recycled metals in the world.  In fact, steel scrap can be sourced from a variety of places, including household appliances, automotive scrap, and industrial scrap metal waste.  H&H metals accepts steel scrap metal from private and business clients, and can help companies develop more efficient scrap metal management processes for steel scrap. The steel manufacturing industry and the steel recycling industry help fuel economies around the world by creating jobs and producing a valuable resource.  Even though steel is an integral part of any modern society, many people take it for granted are not aware of its history, applications, and potential for today’s developing communities.  For example, many people do not know that the name “steel” actually refers to many different kinds of iron-based alloys, not one specific kind of metal. The Beginnings of Steel Steel is not a new material.  It has been around for centuries.  In fact, the oldest artifacts of steel have been [...]

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H&H Metals Provides Personalized Metal Recycling Services to Maximize Results

Metal recycling company delivers progressive recycling services for companies of all sizes to help maximize process efficiency and revenue.   December, 2012 - H&H Metals has developed innovative scrap metal recycling solutions that can be adopted within any company. The metal recycling company offers unique services including a personalized needs assessment to help each client effectively meet their requirements and goals.   H&H Metals states, “At the onset of any program, our team conducts a total operational assessment, evaluating material handling, volumes, packaging options, potential for consolidation and more.  This usually leads to logistical improvements helping customers reduce operating expenses while enhancing revenues.”   In addition to offering comprehensive operational assessments, the company also schedules timely follow-up assessments to expedite improvement.  Each aspect of the metals recycling process can be observed to ensure all changes and processes are being administered effectively.   Furthermore, consultants at H&H Metals follow technology updates and evolving industry practices to keep clients ahead of the market to create maximum metal recycling efficiencies and revenues.  H&H continually gathers the most current commodity reports and market intelligence to keep customers well-informed about the latest recycling opportunities.   Founders Harold Guz and Howard Averbuch insist on operating the family-owned business with the highest standards [...]

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Non Ferrous Metal Recycling at H&H Metals

H&H Metals accepts a wide variety of scrap metals including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Ferrous and non-ferrous metals refer to metals that do and do not contain iron.  Non-ferrous metals do not contain the element iron such as aluminum, brass, and copper.  These metals are generally more lightweight, strong, and exhibit high electric conductivity.   Identifying Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Non-ferrous metal scrap can often be identified by doing a magnetic test.  Magnets are naturally attracted to iron, so if you hold one up to a piece of metal, and it does not adhere or is not drawn to the metal, you know it is a non-ferrous material.   Non-Ferrous Metal Applications Non-ferrous metals are popular for use in structural and electrical applications.  Non-ferrous metal is both lightweight and strong, which makes it an ideal building material for tall buildings, bridges, automobiles, aircraft, or other structures.  Non-ferrous metal is also popular for electrical purposes.  This is because non-ferrous metals exhibit high melting-points, are non-magnetic, and are resistant to chemical corrosion.   Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling Non-ferrous scrap metal can be recycled and used again for a variety of purposes.  Non-ferrous scrap metal is usually sourced from commercial, manufacturing, and industrial clients.  The [...]

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H&H Metals Offers Eco-Friendly Electronics Recycling Services

Inkster, MI December, 2012 - Scrap metal recycling involves more than just old automotive parts or industrial scrap metal.  With the growing number of electronic devices being used worldwide, there is an emerging need to dispose of old and obsolete technology (known as e-waste) responsibly.  H&H Metals is proactively responding to this problem by offering electronics recycling services for individuals and businesses.   “Instead of wasting time and energy to mine fresh metals from nature, it is more cost-effective and eco-friendly to extract precious metals from electronic devices that are being discarded daily,” says H&H Metals Owner, David Guz.   According to the EPA, an estimated 50 million tons of e-waste are produced each year and almost 85% of the electronics scrap is incinerated or collects in landfills.  The United Nations reports that the millions of tons of e-waste contain more gold and silver than the average mine.  In fact, one gram of gold can easily be extracted from recycling just 41 cell phones, versus the tremendous effort it requires to mine it from one ton of ore.   H&H Metals is helping to reduce dangerous pollution from discarded electronic devices by offering e-waste recycling services.  Through a state-of-the-art metal [...]

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