Santa Barbara Auto Group’s Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

GAP insurance alleviates financial stress in the event of an unfortunate vehicle incident When considering the purchase or lease of a new vehicle at Santa Barbara Auto Group, make sure to ask about Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP). Often, people are unaware of the importance of a good auto protection plan. When an unfortunate incident occurs, whether it’s car theft, natural disaster or an auto accident, protecting your vehicle against potential dangers is paramount. This process can sometimes be complex. Some circumstances occur that render a limited amount of reimbursement for your vehicle for the various incidences that can take place. Peace of mind is a commodity worth taking seriously. GAP insurance offers that commodity as it will cover the difference between how much money insurance companies will reimburse and the balance owed on the vehicle. Paying for GAP insurance eliminates any potential for non-coverage or insufficient reimbursement of your vehicle balance. Take a moment to call our expert service staff at Santa Barbara Auto Group and ask about GAP coverage and its benefits. Learning aspects of GAP insurance is knowledge worth gaining While potential for disaster is an unwanted possibility, coverage during an unexpected occurrence is a relief. This relief [...]