Land Rover Announces Newest Heritage Vehicle

Drivers can breathe easy knowing the Land Rover Freelander 1 will be preserved as a Land Rover Heritage vehicle. What do you do when you have a hugely popular model that is out of production but beloved by owners and still running strong on streets and trails everywhere? If you are Land Rover you preserve it as a Heritage vehicle so drivers can have peace of mind knowing the parts and services for the vehicle will be available for years to come. Such is the case for the most recent model to be elevated to Heritage status is the Land Rover Freelander 1. The Land Rover Freelander 1 was produced between 1997 and 2006 and still remains as one of Land Rover’s best-selling models. To show their commitment and appreciation to Freelander drivers, Land Rover has announced that parts and services for this model will continue to be available even though the model itself is now out of production. To qualify, a Heritage model must be out of production for ten years. Prior to its designation as a Heritage model, the vehicles were supported by available spare parts and now repairs and services will be supported by Land Rover Heritage [...]

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