Know Which Foods Boost Fertility in Men and Women

Men and women can improve their prenatal health and fertility by selecting fresh healthy foods that provide essential vitamins necessary for healthy conception. One of the best ways people can improve their health is by adopting a healthy diet. Eating well can help reduce weight, reduce cholesterol, improve energy, and boost overall health and wellness. A healthy diet has also been proven to help increase fertility in men and women. Pre-natal health is something that is important for both partners and can help improve chances of conception. According to the Center for Disease Control, infertility affects 6.7 million couples each year. Determining how to address infertility is an important first step for men and women. An easy early approach is to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating whole foods and getting exercise and plenty of rest. For those who are just starting out, here is a list of foods recently published by the Livestrong Foundation that have shown to improve fertility: Tomatoes - contain lycopene which can raise sperm count Beans - a great source of zinc for boosting sperm motility Nuts – contain zinc and Vitamin E for boosting sperm count Oysters – also contain zinc in healthy doses [...]