Huron Automatic Screw Company Applauds UPS Inc. for Natural Gas Conversion Efforts

A leading national transport company has made the decision to convert part of their fleet to natural gas to support sustainable energy use efforts. The heavy-duty trucking industry is continuing to evolve to embrace alternative fuel options. As we move into 2016, more and more companies are considering natural gas as a positive alternative fuel option. Recently, the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) reported that UPS Inc. is the latest company to adopt natural gas power in its fleets across the southern United States. The conversion is expected to save nearly 15 million diesel gallons of fuel by replacing it with renewable natural gas. The conversion is a big step for UPS Inc. and represents a significant shift in the industry. In fact, UPS has announced a goal to drive 1 billion miles on alternative fuels by the end of 2017. Leading the industry in size, the company is setting a strong precedent for other transport companies to follow. The Benefits of Natural Gas Conversions Renewable natural gas is an ideal substitute for diesel fuel because it is derived from may renewable resources such as organic waste from landfills, wastewater treatment centers, and agricultural waste. It is an innovative step [...]