Conception Kit® At-Home System Announces No Charge “Life Changing Results” Webinar, Helps Couples Understand Fertility Options

Are you struggling to get pregnant? The Conception Kit® at-home system webinar will discuss the options couples have available to get pregnant related to low sperm count, sperm motility, or hostile vaginal environment that may be causing infertility. Bloomfield Hills, MI November 30, 2015 – The President of Conceivex, Inc., Michael La Vean, will be presenting the free webinar on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 7PM EST via GoToMeeting. Couples can register for the webinar at The Conception Kit® at-home system ( from Conceivex, Inc. is a comprehensive fertility treatment enabling couples to determine the optimal time to get pregnant and includes an innovative cervical cap protecting and concentrating semen around the cervical opening to increase the chances for sperm to penetrate the cervix to fertilize the egg. The Conception Kit® at-home system, is a natural, drug–free treatment using cervical cap insemination and timed ovulation which is done in the privacy of the one’s home. It is the only FDA cleared treatment for low sperm count and sperm motility, or hostile vaginal environment that is covered by many insurance plans under the Pharmacy Benefit plan. If your plan does not yet cover The Conception Kit® at-home system-- it is [...]