Patients Can Complement Fertility Medication with the Conception Kit® at-home system

The Conception Kit® at-home system offers patients a safe and effective way to further enhance their chances of getting pregnant while on fertility medications. February, 2016 – Patients can increase the effectiveness of their fertility medication treatment by using the Conception Kit® at-home system in combination with their fertility medications. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) reports that abnormal or irregular ovulation accounts for nearly 25 percent of all female infertility issues. In cases when women choose to use fertility medication to regulate or stimulate ovulation the Conception Kit® at-home system can maximize the effectiveness of each medication cycle. “The Conception Kit® at-home system was developed to maximize a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. It is an ideal complement to fertility medications and an affordable and effective early fertility treatment program,” shares Conceivex, Inc. The Conception Kit® uses an innovative medical device known as the Conception Cap® that is designed to protect sperm and place them close to the cervical opening for up to six hours so they have a better chance of fertilizing the egg.   For this reason, the Conception Kit® at-home system is the perfect addition to fertility medications. The combination ensures that all available sperm are [...]