Root Canal Treatment vs Extraction

There is no debate when it comes to treating a tooth with a root canal or extraction: root canals are almost always the better choice. Endodontists receive significant training in the diagnosis and treatment of oral pain. As a result, they have a special level of expertise when it comes to handling severe dental pain and working with patients who may be suffering from fears or worries regarding their dental care. The number one priority of an endodontist is to provide the best dental care possible to keep each patient’s teeth as healthy as possible. This is why root canal treatment is such an important procedure because it is able to save a tooth damaged by deep decay.   According to the American Academy of Endodontists, nearly 15 million teeth are saved each year thanks to root canal procedures. No Debate: Root Canal is the Best Choice Even with such positive results, some patients still may wonder if root canal treatment is best. Because of fear or anxiety about the procedure, some patients ask if extraction is actually a better choice. Dentists and endodontists can reassure these patients by letting them know that saving a natural tooth is the best option [...]