Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Late last year, I finally traded in my trusty Ford Focus for a new (to me) lightly used 2014 Ford Focus. (It has 18,000 miles on it) It is a great car, I really like it. But that is not what I wanted to tell you about. This Focus happens to be a Flex Fuel car. Which means that it will burn traditional regular gasoline or a lower cost, blended fuel of mostly alcohol, typically called E85 because it is 85% alcohol and 15% gasoline. Regular gasoline is normally about 90% gasoline and 10% alcohol. At first I ignored the Flex Fuel option like most people do (or so I have come to discover) We have all heard the stories and read the articles about E85, the engine will not run quite as strong (less power), it may be cranky to start sometimes, and the decrease in fuel economy will make the lower price of E85 a wash at best. You may even end up spending more for fuel. I must admit that I also fell victim to this “talk” and the news reports. Then the lean thinker in me took hold and I began to think that some of [...]