Rising Engine Efficiency Standards Increase Demands on High Temperature Fasteners

As the automotive industry continues to improve engine designs, manufacturers are challenged to source even more resilient parts such as high temperature studs and fasteners. The automotive industry is continually innovating and updating the latest vehicles. Across all different brands and models, engineers are challenged to create more and more efficient and powerful engines to meet the rising demand for fewer emissions, greater speed and control, and stringent warranty standards. To accomplish this, engineers are turning to technologies such as direct injection and turbocharged engines. These engines function under very high pressure and temperatures and in turn, have strict durability and design requirements. For example, they require high-temperature fasteners that can withstand extreme conditions over a long period of time. As a premium manufacturer of custom fasteners, bolts, studs, and more, Huron Automatic Screw Company is an ideal partner for sourcing specialized fasteners that can perform under these taxing conditions. High Temperature Applications Automotive manufacturers are facing stricter and stricter emissions requirements within many states. While new engines run at increasingly higher temperatures, the components are required to perform at the highest level to prevent leaks at critical joints and connections including the connection of the exhaust manifold and the [...]