An on-the-go clearing tool? HELLO MY FRIENDS! Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 138. Okay, I have a really cool tool to share with you today that you can use on-the-go. So when you find yourself stressed at work or stressed in your day, all you have to do is identify a word that resonates with it. So let’s use the word “stress” and what I would like you to do is repeat this word 10 times and see what you notice. Ok now bring in the heavy energy of being stressed and join me in repeating it: Stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress. What do you notice? What I notice is that the stress actually started dissipating as I repeated the word and the heavy energy has now begun clear. Now what you can do next, is find a word that resonates with the energy you would like to have instead. Now I’m going to use the word “ease” and now you can join me in repeating this word 10 times: Ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease. What are you aware of? Wow, for me, everything is lightening up and the energy of ease is now present. A Space to BE With Take a moment to tune in and [...]

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Energy … What?! HELLO MY FRIENDS! Energy. What does energy mean to you? Well, I like to describe energy as molecules. Now they can be either expansive or compressed. They can be dense or diffuse. They can be light or heavy. So if molecules comprise energy and energy is within us, all around us, everywhere, it would makes sense for us to tune in and get a read on it as a way to navigate this reality and beyond. Now what would it be like to get clear on what energy is and what it means to you? Does it fit the way I describe it? And what would it be like to be aware of energy? From my point of view, energy really allows us to live consciously. It’s when we actively choose to tune into energy that we access our senses from which we can then choose what it is we would like to generate and create from there. A Space to BE With Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions. What is energy to you? What do you know about it? What would it be like to tune in and get a “read” on the energy around you? Take a moment to do that… what do you [...]

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Soave Enterprises Utilizes Innovative Green Tri-Generation Technology

Soave Enterprises affiliate Great Northern Hydroponics is producing more than 22 million pounds of tomatoes each year, in a 50-acre greenhouse.  This is no small task, and being environmentally-friendly about it is even more impressive. Traditionally, tri-generation refers to burning of a fuel, such as natural gas, to get electricity, heating and cooling. In the case of Soave Enterprises’ Great Northern Hydroponics (GNH), they are a natural gas-fired 12mW tri-generation facility burning natural gas and getting electricity, heat, and CO2 in return. Ontario, Canada-based GNH, a division of Soave Enterprises, signed a 20-year government contract for generation of the 11.5mW of electricity. Under the contract, the Canadian government is purchasing the electricity generated by the plant – enough to power 5,000 residential homes in the local area. The GNH's tomato crops, their energy costs, and the environment as a whole will benefit a ton – literally. The facility cost about Cdn$20 million to complete; however, the greenhouse will save Soave Enterprises a minimum of 50% of its energy costs over the next 20 years and will capture 15,000 tons of CO2 – which would normally go into the atmosphere - for the fertilization of their tomatoes. "The objective of this [...]

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