BMW Offers Innovative Design and Sustainability with the BMW 330e

BMW injects the 3 Series line-up with added efficiency thanks to the environmentally-friendly electric –powered model, the BMW 330e. BMW is once again envisioning the future as they take a bold leap forward in developing a more efficient electric model, the BMW 330e Sedan. This innovative model combines the popular BMW 3 Series design and functionality with advanced eDrive technology to deliver a sporty new electric offering. The BMW 3 Series is the most popular sport sedan model in the BMW family and is a top favorite year after year with automotive journalists and experts. “This is a great addition to the BMW line-up,” shares BMW Santa Barbara General Sales Manager, Bill Fogg. “By providing an electric-powered option in the 3 Series, BMW opens the door to more efficient driving for many of its loyal customers.” The BMW 330e uniquely combines two power sources to increase efficiency depending on the vehicle’s driving needs. The award-winning TwinPower Turbo 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine offers a boost of power when needed, and the lithium-ion battery-powered electric motor boosts efficiency and reduces emissions. Together, both power sources provide a combined 248hp and 310lb-ft of torque. This allows the car to race from 0-60mph in [...]

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Acura Presents the Next-Gen Super Car

Handcrafted design and exhilarating power deliver an electric hybrid driving experience unlike any other with the new Acura NSX. In our day, innovation is expected. It is not enough to have a great idea or create a great product. People are looking for products and services that fulfill a need in a new and more efficient way than they have experienced in the past. In the automotive industry, this means drivers are constantly searching for a luxury car that offers the best in performance and efficiency. Acura is meeting the needs of today’s generation of drivers by providing refreshingly new designs married with exciting technology to deliver a driving experience unlike all the others – and the epitome of this endeavor is the new Acura NSX. What is the NSX? The NSX is the next level of advanced driving excellence from Acura. This dynamic super car delivers power that will send your pulse racing. Best of all, it offers electric power and acceleration with zero delay providing unparalleled control and handling. Acura explains that the NSX was engineered to be the “perfect balance of power and handling, form and function, sport and luxury.”   At Acura Santa Barbara, we couldn’t agree [...]

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