Jaguar Unveils Plans for the Brand’s First-Ever Electric Luxury Vehicle

The I-PACE Concept SUV represents a defining moment in Jaguar history as the brand enters into the accelerating world of electric vehicles. As the auto industry continues to shift toward more sustainable practices, most automotive brands have been experimenting with hybrid and/or fully electric vehicles. Brands such as Ford, Chevy, Kia, and BMW have all succeeded in creating fully electric vehicles (EV’s). In fact, EVObsession, a blog for EV enthusiasts, has named each of them in the top ten best electric cars. However, after hearing Jaguar’s plans for their new I-PACE concept car it’s fair to say that the competition will have to step their game up by 2018, when the I-PACE is set to be released. Turning a New Leaf for Electric Vehicles With the latest advances in EV’s, engineers at Jaguar have taken advantage of the packaging opportunities offered by electrification and have completely rethought the overall proportions of their average luxury vehicle. The I-PACE takes its advanced cab-forward design from Jaguar’s C-X75 supercar and combines it with the smooth silhouette of a coupe in a five-seat SUV. Jaguar’s Director of Design explained in a recent interview how proportional opportunities have not yet been addressed by current EV’s. [...]

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BMW Partners with Global Electric Charging Network to Provide More Accessible Energy

BMW is doing its part to help “offer reliable access to pubic charging” says Dr. Ulrich Quay. Quay is the head of the BMW venture-capital fund that recently invested in the Coulomb Technologies which operates the largest online global network of EV charging stations.  This investment is an effort on BMW’s part to help promote the number of ActiveE cars and to strengthen BMW’s position in advance of launching the carbon-fiber i3 city car expected in 2013. The historic trend summary (1992–2010) shows a total of 541 electric charging locations by 2010 which had been still lower than the peak count of 873 charging locations in 2002. Up to October 2011 the total count of electric charge points had increased to 3394.   The BMW i3 Electric Vehicle As a leading manufacturer in sustainable vehicles, BMW is introducing the BMW i3 next year as their first mass-produced electric car.  The car is the result of meticulous research and design by BMW engineers to redesign the electric car in an innovative and efficient way.  Efficiency not just in on-the-road performance, but a total commitment from production forward.  BMW sources raw materials from recycled materials or materials produced with renewable energy for aluminum [...]

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Phoenix Summer Gas Prices Continue to Drop

North Scottsdale, AZ June 15, 2012 – Phoenix drivers are taking notice of a surprising change at the gas pump.  For the ninth week in a row, gas prices have continued to drop.  During a time of year generally known for rising gas prices, this change is a welcome one. According to a AAA report, Arizona drivers are paying an average of $3.67 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.  This constitutes a five cent drop in the last week and almost a thirteen cent drop over the last month. “This is great news for many of our customers,” says BMW North Scottsdale General Manager, Robert Dombrowski.  “When you combine the savings at the pump with the overall savings from BMW fuel efficient technology, it equals a lot of money back in the driver’s pocket.” With the rise in gas prices over the last decade and an increase in environmental consciousness, BMW has focused on incorporating greater fuel efficiency in its newest models.  The BMW EfficientDynamics initiative specifically explores innovative solutions for more advanced and efficient mobility solutions.  From electric motors, to clean diesel, and hybrid technology, BMW offers drivers a wide selection of eco-friendly driving options that don’t compromise performance. [...]

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Fisker Automotive Extends U.S. Dealer Network With Penske Automotive Group

Fisker Automotive launches franchise outlet in Scottsdale, Arizona with Penske Automotive Group’s showroom at 6855 East McDowell in Scottsdale, Arizona at telephone +1-480-421-7300.

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