Jaguar Funds Local and National Education Initiatives

Jaguar Land Rover reaches out to communities across the country to support innovative education initiatives that help remove learning barriers for young students. Jaguar Land Rover has taken a stand in supporting progressive education initiatives to support students in distressed urban and rural communities. The company recently awarded a one year grant to the Children’ Health Fund to pilot a new school-based model that brings students and parents together with educators and health professionals to support education by removing learning barriers. Jaguar will provide $500,000 to the Children’s Health Fund to support their “Healthy and Ready to Learn” initiative. Healthy Students Can Succeed The grant will support the creation of the first school-based health/learning support program that combines healthy lifestyle choices and learning support to create an environment in which childhood education can thrive. It brings together experts from both the education and healthy fields to support children in a more well-rounded way. The health experts work closely with education professionals and parents and students to identify barriers that may impede a child’s ability to learn such as hearing, dental, or vision problems, hunger, anemia, and more. The Children’s Health Fund already has mobile units that serve underprivileged students throughout [...]