Educating Senior Leadership in Lean

Leadership commitment to lean is one of, if not the most, critical requirements for a successful lean transformation. Yet one dilemma that many lean leaders have is trying to provide the lean education needed by senior leaders to effectively understand what their commitment needs to look and sound like. In most cases the demands of the position of senior leader are significant and cause time to be a precious resource that is always running interference to all good intentions for training in lean. However, until the time is invested to truly understand lean as a business system it is very difficult for the right commitment to lean to be provided. Therefore, ensuring that what time can be invested into senior leader training is value add is essential. An honest assessment of the current level of lean knowledge existing in the leadership team is a first step. In my experience, I believe this assessment begins by looking at the leadership team’s current ability to consistently demonstrate the following: Understand and speak the language – Lean language is more than just being able to say the words. I have seen many people, including leadership, who can espouse terms like 5S, Standard Work, [...]