Enjoy Greater Efficiency with Porsche Electric Hybrids

Porsche Santa Barbara offers drivers the latest in E-Hybrid technology thanks to an efficient new hybrid line-up for 2016. July, 2015 Santa Barbara, CA - Porsche drivers now have three unique E-Hybrid vehicles to choose from to own the best in premium hybrid technology in a luxury performance vehicle. As the market continues to focus on innovative energy solutions, Porsche is leading the way with hybrid technology by offering the 918 Spyder E-Hybrid, the Cayenne S E-Hybrid, and the Panamera S E-Hybrid. “Whether you are looking for a premium sports car, an athletic vehicle ready for adventure, or a sleek luxury car, the E-Hybrid line from Porsche offers it all,” shares Porsche Santa Barbara General Sales Manager, Bill Fogg. Each vehicle relies on a finely tuned combination of electric and gasoline power.   When charged, the E-Hybrid vehicles can be powered by the electric machine alone or in combination with the combustion engine. When necessary, the vehicles can also be powered by the combustion engine alone. The high-voltage battery takes a brief 2.5 hours to recharge when connected to a 240V socket. The vehicle can also recharge while driving thanks to an energy recovery process known as recuperation. This occurs when [...]