LinkedIn Marketing Series: Using LinkedIn Groups To Expand Your Reach To Prospects

LinkedIn groups is a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to engage in a dialogue to share information, learn from each other, establish yourself as a subject matter expert and much more. The groups have become you can exchange and share experiences, business knowledge, interests and ideas with a broad variety of individuals from around the world. image Source: According to LinkedIn there are over 2 million groups covering a variety of topics and different industries from start-ups to manufacturing to plumbing and much more. You are only allowed to be a member of 50 LinkedIn groups. While that may sound like quite a bit, think about the benefits of being in unlimited number of groups. Even if you are not involved in the ongoing discussions, you will find groups gives you the ability to direct message fellow group members, the ability to help your search rankings within LinkedIn and to be found within groups. To be perfectly honest, if LinkedIn gave me the option to be in 100 groups, I certainly would not hesitate. Some statistics from LinkedIn: People who post or engage in Group discussions get an average of 4 times as [...]