Home Care Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Home care providers recognize that every decade in life brings new adventures and challenges. For people over 50, certain foods are beneficial for healthy cholesterol and blood pressure, and for strong hearts, minds and bodies. Other foods need to be moderated to avoid health complications. Share these home care health tips with your aging loved ones to show them that it is possible to still enjoy their favorite foods and receive all the healthy, necessary nutrients: Eat a variety of food. It is easy to get into food “slumps” and to eat the same three meals every day. To increase the likelihood of getting all necessary nutrients, switch up your diet frequently. Close family members or home care services can provide nutrition assistance in planning and preparing a variety of delicious, healthy meals. Eat a hearty high-protein, low-carb breakfast. Try a poached egg with oatmeal and pair with a few berries or an apple and a cup of green tea. Eating a breakfast that is larger than the rest of your meals will help give you energy and fuel your day. Watch your sugar levels. Sugars can be sneaky, and will hide in tasty foods and beverages like tomato sauce, [...]