Soave Agricultural Group Offers Healthy Produce Options

Soave offers consumers the best tomatoes around, and a major health benefit along with them. While it may seem strange, it’s a well-recognized fact that tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods out there. Tomatoes have a reputation for providing lots of healthy antioxidants.  These antioxidants support healthy blood conditions and immunity.  Antioxidants in tomatoes have also been shown to promote healthy bone health.  This is especially true for women. In one recent study, women were instructed to remove tomatoes and other vegetables that contain lycopene from their diet.  For four weeks the women at no foods that offered the healthy source of antioxidants.  After the study, the women showed increased signs of unwanted change in their bone tissue.  The study reported that the removal of lycopene from the diet put the women at an increased risk for osteoporosis. What with tomatoes being such an important part of an everyday diet, it’s equally important to get the best tomatoes out there to ensure good health. That’s where Soave Agricultural Group comes in. Soave Agricultural Group is dedicated to providing tomatoes of the highest quality to promote healthy eating. Soave Agricultural Group produces high quality tomatoes under optimum growing conditions.  By creating an optimally controlled [...]

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Ferrous Processing & Trading Works to Protect Metal Industry

Scrap metal theft is a common occurrence in many areas, but Ferrous Processing & Trading is taking steps to prevent it. Ferrous Processing & Trading is working with the scrap metal recycling industry to help reduce metal theft. The massive surge of stolen items includes copper wire, aluminum bleachers, air conditioning parts, automotive parts, and even industrial building materials such as railway ties or steel construction pieces. Thieves have been known to tear down utility poles for the copper inside.  When this happens, they leave thousands of dollars of damage in behind. Furthermore, these kinds of crimes cause electric service disruptions or the risk of electrocution from damaged lines which can become a public concern. Scrap metal that is stolen is nearly impossible to identify when it is taken in to a scrap metal processing center.  Scrap metal often changes hands many times before it is sold to a scrap metal recycling company and is untraceable.  It can also be disguised or damaged reduce the signs of theft.  Companies like Ferrous Processing and Trading are committed to following the strictest regulations regarding scrap metal processing to help deter metal thieves; at FPT’s scrap metal recycling facilities, scrap metal suppliers are required to provide the necessary [...]

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Ferrous Processing and Trading Provides Valuable Services

Ferrous Processing and Trading is one of the nation’s premier scrap metal recyclers. This job is one that is a lot more valuable, and a lot more important, than you might think. Scrap metal recycling has a lot of benefits which aren’t always easy to see. Protecting our Nation’s Resources Choosing to recycle scrap metal with companies like Ferrous Processing & Trading helps to preserve precious natural resources.  Rather than wasting more energy and time mining for virgin ore, manufacturers can use recycled metals to create new products.  This helps keep our natural land resources untouched – preserving the delicate balance of the ecosystem and storing these resources away for future generations.  By using recycled metal, companies also reduce emissions, water use, and air pollution. It Makes Financial Sense There are over 500 scrap metal recycling companies across the United States.  Many of these accept scrap metal for cash.  For example, Ferrous Processing & Trading offers cash for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal from private individuals and business clients. The value of scrap metals depend on the type of metal and the current market value.  However, you can have your scrap metal evaluated to receive an estimate.  Ferrous Processing & Trading is committed to [...]

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Soave Automotive Group Spotlights Executive Marion Battaglia

Soave Automotive Group recognized their president, Marion Battaglia, for his outstanding leadership by the company’s own Executive Spotlight program. Many customers of Aristocrat Motors and Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City have come to know Marion Battaglia, the President of The Soave Automotive Group. Since his appointment to the position in December 2006 he has strived to make the dealership a place where customer service is held in the highest regard and where employees are empowered to make decisions in the best interest of the customer without direct approval from their managers. A Legacy of Leadership A Kansas City native his whole life, Battaglia lives in Leawood with his son, Nicolas. Outside of The Soave Automotive Group, he sits on the Board of the Kansas City Motor Car Dealers, and oversees the dealership’s participation in multiple charities such as Sleepyhead Beds, Uplift, Harvesters, The Ali Kemp Foundation, Hope House, The Kansas City Art Institute, Universit of Kansas Hospital, and many more. Mr. Battaglia brings over 35 years of experience to The Soave Automotive Group, including co-ownership of The BMW Gallery and Baron BMW-Mini-VW-MINI. He has been honored with seats on the VW Regional Advisory Council and The National BMW Dealer Board. Representing [...]

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Soave Community Celebrates Small Business Success Together

Soave’s Brambleton contributes to small businesses by celebrating Small Business Saturday. Anthony Soave, as an entrepreneur himself, recognizes that small businesses are a vital part of today’s economy. They’re also the clearest representation of the American Dream. In the Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life, Bedford Falls has a small business which must strive not to be consumed by the greedy Mr. Potter. The Bailey Building and Loan is the ideal small business: beloved by the town, and with friendly, well-known owners who genuinely care about their customers. This kind of business is one which is becoming less and less common in America, as big companies buy out the little ones and start monopolizing the market. At a time like this, small businesses need all the help they can get. That’s why outreaches like Brambleton’s Small Business Saturday celebration are so important. The community of Brambleton held a massive event dedicated to supporting small businesses on November 30th, Small Business Saturday, supporting both the town’s Small Businesses as well as the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation in the process. Beginning at 10 am in the Town Center, shoppers participated in a Candy Cane Treasure Hunt, entered for a chance to win [...]

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Ferrous Processing and Trading Educates Clients about Metal Recycling

Ferrous Processing and Trading clears up questions about scrap metal recycling, and informs people on why it’s important. What kinds of metal can be recycled? All kinds of scrap metal can be recycled.  At Ferrous Processing & Trading, we accept ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals of many kinds including: Ferrous We accept a wide array of ferrous scrap metal materials including construction, industrial, or manufacturing waste.  We process this material to supply steel mills and foundries across the country. Non-Ferrous  We accept many forms of non-ferrous metals including: aluminum, brass, copper, tool steels, stainless steel, and more. How do we determine what type of recycling program is needed? Ferrous Processing & Trading is recognized as a major innovator of industrial scrap metal management processes.  This includes the implementation of onsite operations, equipment and controls that provide maximum efficiency and value, as well as an advanced logistics support network organize the transportation of scrap to its many destinations.  FPT offers a breadth of experience in manufacturing and steel-making applications.  A team of experienced scrap metal management professionals will work with your business to evaluate, design, finance, install, and operate the right scrap metal management solution for your needs. Why Recycle Scrap Metal?  Recycling scrap metal helps to decrease land [...]

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Soave Agriculture Group Sets Higher Standards for Clean Energy Use

Soave Agriculture group has chosen to deal with the rising costs of energy in a way that is consistent with their efficient history. In order to maximize their energy use, the company has adopted a cogeneration system, which is an efficient and energy saving way of producing energy.  “Soave Hydroponics Company began looking at ways to deal with the rising cost of energy and we soon realized that a cogeneration system could help offset the high cost of energy while also helping the environment. We are the first greenhouse application in North America to successfully install a cogeneration system of such capacity,” states the company. This is a significant move. The adoption of a cleaner, but still economically sound energy production technique is a move in the right direction for big companies. If Soave can do it, others can and should follow suit. Cogeneration Is the Key A cogeneration system simultaneously produces electricity as well as useful heat. This method loses little energy, unlike most other forms of energy production. Many others lose a large amount of energy when they operate. In most others, more than half of the energy produced is lost as excess heat. Cogeneration systems, which can get up [...]

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Ferrous Trading and Processing Maintains Core Values as It Grows

Ferrous Trading and Processing may be one of the biggest-if not the biggest- scrap metal recyclers in the nation, but it has not forgotten its core values to its customers and to the community. “Our core values are very important, integrity being the first one,” explains the company. “From our largest manufacturing customer to our smallest peddler supplier…from our senior executives to our yard laborers; we share a common commitment to doing the right thing. We are very proud of our long-standing trade relationships where mutual trust and confidence have built ever stronger over the years. We are in business for the long pull, and our reputation for straight forward dealing is one of our cherished assets.” While the ideals of a small business are often lost in the move to the top, FTP has remained true to theirs. The company has grown to be one the country’s largest scrap metal processors and sellers, and has worked hard to retain the best attributes of its founding companies; particularly the ability to react quickly and decisively to issues and opportunities. When circumstances dictate, FPT can quickly deploy its breadth of talented personnel, equipment and capital to respond to developments while they [...]

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Soave Gives an Example for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Soave Enterprises owner, Anthony Soave, shows the way to success for other hopeful and dedicated entrepreneurs.  Soave Enterprises sets an example for aspiring entrepreneurs of what they can become. The company explains, “Since its founding, Soave Enterprises has been shaped and defined by its entrepreneurial culture. This vision consistency of spirit is Soave’s ever-present beacon of light, guiding the company as it navigates an ever-changing business landscape.” While its business model is dynamic, its corporate values remain constant. Over the course of five decades and multiple industries, Soave Enterprises has cultivated the art of intelligent risk taking. Empowered, exceptional team members act upon and respond to changing market conditions. At Soave Enterprises, the executive team understands that true leaders reach beyond the comfort of the status quo. Soave’s leaders assess opportunity, as well as communicate our customer-first commitment. This sentiment is one which aspiring entrepreneurs should take note of. Any new business relies on uniqueness and newness in order to succeed. This requires just the kind of intelligent risk taking that Soave is known for. “As a company, we embrace the strategies that advanced us in the past, while inviting new possibilities. Soave Enterprises possesses a willingness to see beyond conventional performance measurements. We [...]

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Scrap Metal Recycling Plays a Leading Role in Protecting the Environment

Scrap metal recycling companies hold the standard for protecting the environment through responsible practices.  Ferrous Processing & Trading is proud of the part it plays helping to protect our environment.  As the fifth-largest scrap metal recycling company in the United States, Ferrous Processing & Trading plays an important role in setting the standard for the industry.  The U.S. scrap recycling industry is one of the leading scrap recycling industries in the world, providing recycled metal to many countries across the world.  AS such, the U.S. scrap metal recycling industry plays an important role in environmental protection including natural resource conservation. Re-Use! According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc, over 135 million metric tons of materials were recycled in 2011.  This work helped to create new material from old scrap metal which can be used to create new products.  By working with recycled scrap materials, manufacturers help preserve natural resources.  This also saves energy and reduces emissions.  All of these actions help to protect our environment. Ferrous Processing & Trading accepts scrap metal to be processed into recycled metal which can then be sold to industrial manufacturers to be used in new products.  Ferrous Processing & Trading is dedicated to delivering [...]

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