Refer your Patients to Professional Endodontics for Dental Emergencies

By partnering with Professional Endodontics, Dental practices can avoid the shock of dealing with dental emergencies. There are a number of reasons that a patient might need emergency dental attention. Traumatic dental injuries can often be attributed to falls, accidents, and, most commonly, sports-related injuries. More often than not, a chipped tooth is the culprit bringing patients in without notice. However, dislodged or knocked out teeth are the more serious, but less frequent injuries that require immediate dental attention. The American Dental Association (ADA) monitored the average number of patient visits a dentist has per week in their study, Characteristics of Private Dental Practices: Selected 2013 Results from the Survey of Dental Practice. In 2013, that average number came out to 69.3 visits per week, and 3,317.2 visits per year. As is true with any average, this means that some dentists see more than 69 patients in a single week. A schedule like this does not leave much free time to handle unexpected dental emergencies. This is why it is beneficial for dental practices to partner with endodontists like Professional Endodontics. Our services are available for your patients when you aren’t. Treating Dental Emergencies, and complex diagnostic problems You can [...]