Identify Cracked Teeth Early with Specialized Endodontic Care

Endodontists are finding a greater occurrence of cracked teeth in patients in recent years so it is important to understand what this is and how to treat or prevent it. There is a new oral health concern that is reaching epidemic levels and it often does not present with pain or discomfort until it has progressed to a more severe state. This issue is known as “cracked teeth” and was first described in 2015 as an epidemic by the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) because it is the third leading cause of tooth loss. Chances are, if you have cracked teeth, you may not even know it. That is because cracks in the teeth generally cannot be seen without extensive magnification or specialized testing procedures.   However, even a small crack in the tooth can present a significant problem if left untreated.   In the early stages, small cracks do not have any symptoms. If the crack continues to grow, it can reach the dentin and allow bacteria to infiltrate the tooth and eventually reach the pulp, where it can cause more severe and painful damage. Causes of Cracked Teeth There are many different ways to crack a tooth. Some of the [...]