Professional Endodontics Upgrades to Latest Cone Beam Imaging Technology

Professional Endodontics has invested in Carestream’s latest Cone Beam CT imaging system for their Southfield branch, and soon to be all branches. Keeping up with the technological advances made in our field is one of Professional Endodontics’ highest priorities. We know that our ability to provide our patients with the best possible care is contingent on our use and understanding of the latest and greatest tools of our trade. Carestream, a leader in Cone Beam CT solutions, has been making groundbreaking developments in their imaging systems technology. As a result, Professional Endodontics has decided to introduce their systems into our practices. Our Southfield branch now utilizes Carestream’s Cone Beam CT imaging systems and, after witnessing the quality of these machines first-hand, we’ll be implementing them into all of our branches in the near future. How does Carestream’s Product Stand Out? One of the most important phases in the process of treating our patients is being able to properly diagnose the root cause of pain, infection, or discomfort. In order to do this with the kind of precision that meets our professional standard, the use of a reliable high-quality imaging system is absolutely necessary. Our new imaging system delivers outstanding digital [...]