Who Leads 90% of the People in your Company Every Day?

Frontline managers see everyone in your company every day. If your frontline team spends more than 60 minutes of their day increasing value added from their team you are ahead of the average. Ask yourself: Of the salaried headcount, what percentage are frontline managers? How many associates are they connecting with daily? Of 600 minutes at work, how much of this time is spent improving, teaching, coaching and engaging the team in exceeding the expectations of the customer? If you don’t know the answer to that question in firm terms, don’t try to guess. Actually observe what they do. If your organization is similar to many you will find frontline management spends their time: Dealing with staffing issues such as call-in’s, no call/no shows, open positions unfilled, transferring employees to help other departments with unplanned issues Reading and responding to emails and texts (work related) Reacting to unplanned, unscheduled disruptions such as downtime, materials shortages, last minute schedule changes At the desk/laptop doing administrative work – time card reconciliation, inventory reconciliation, reporting, doing redundant data entry, vacation and leave requests Going to meetings – average meeting time 30-60 minutes scheduled, value provided/received 10 minutes; often meetings are short notice Checking [...]