Consult an Endodontist for These Common Dental Injuries

Here is some information regarding four common dental injuries that should be examined by an endodontist, courtesy of Professional Endodontics. What should you do when you experience a dental injury? How do you know if the injury is serious? Is it possible to save a fractured, chipped, or dislodged tooth? Many people aren’t sure what to do when encountering a dental injury. Though our teeth are protected by one of the hardest natural substances, enamel, that does not mean they’re indestructible. We are flawed and fallible people, and sometimes accidents happen. Whether a patient is an athlete who sustained an injury during a game, or someone who simply fell or was in a car accident, tooth injuries occur quite commonly. When these injuries occur, quick and effective treatment is the best way to save a damaged tooth. Here are four of the most common dental injuries and what an endodontist can do to repair them: Chipped or Fractured Teeth – There are times when teeth are hit with enough force that the protective enamel is not able to save them. This will likely result in a chipped or fractured tooth, the most common of dental injuries. Fortunately, most chipped or [...]

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