Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Job with Cilajet Paint Protection

Customers of Santa Barbara Auto Group are offered industry-leading paint protection through Cilajet bonding. Drivers from Santa Barbara and the Southern California region are no strangers to the damaging effects the outside world can have on the exterior of their vehicles. Something as casual as parking under a tree can leave your car with ugly, long lasting sap-stains that are hard to remove. Through Cilajet paint protection, drivers can put these worries to rest. Cilajet paint protection, offered through Santa Barbara Auto Group, guarantees your vehicle maintains that “new finish” look for up to ten years! Cilajet also offers interior protection so your car feels brand new for as long as you own it. What does Cilajet Paint Protection Do? At Santa Barbara Auto Group, you can have Cilajet paint protection applied to your vehicle by industry professionals. Cilajet acts as a sealant and bonds with the exterior of your vehicle at the micron level, creating a deep mirror-like finish. The sealant works to reduce surface imperfections such as webbing, fine scratches, oxidation, and fading. Some benefits of the exterior protection through Cilajet are: Resisting contaminants from adhering to the surface Repelling dirt, grease, bird droppings, tree sap, raw eggs, [...]