Mercedes-Benz History Pioneering Vehicle Safety For 130 Year

Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes) has a history of making of automotive pioneering history. The first car bears the number DRP 37435, the reference under which the patent for the “gas-powered vehicle” filed by Carl Benz on January 29, 1886. Carl Benz’s ability to be an early adopter of ideas lives on today. His entrepreneurial vision with innovation and creativity has set the stage for years to come. Since the first car, Mercedes-Benz has set the pace for all motorized vehicles. The Mercedes innovations and achievements continue 130 years later with over 100,000 patents. Much of this is embedded in the culture of the company with Carl Benz’s quote, "The love of inventing never dies."   The Mercedes-Benz Timeline of Break-Through Safety Innovations 1886 The First Motor Vehicles The self-propelled "Motorwagen" with a rear-mounted single-cylinder engine. 1931 4-Wheel Independent Suspension The Mercedes 170 features the first-ever fully independent suspension, which allows each wheel to respond individually. 1967 Safety Steering All Mercedes models are equipped with a new safety steering system as standard. The safety steering system reduces the risk of injury upon impact with the steering wheel. 1978 Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) ABS helps the driver retain steering control under heavy [...]