Alliance Senior Care Sponsors the 10th Annual Caring Coalition Conference

The Caring Coalition Conference: The Best Care Possible is an educational gathering of a diverse group of caregivers with the shared goal of providing premium quality care. Alliance Senior Care believes that to provide our clients with the care they deserve, it is absolutely necessary to continuously educate our staff and remain an active participant in the wide-ranging community that makes up the health care industry. That’s why the decision to sponsor the “The Best Care Possible” conference, an annual gathering presented by the Caring Coalition, was a no-brainer. The conference will be held in Southfield, Michigan, on March 15, 2017. Nurses, social workers, clergy, case managers, nursing home administrators, home care providers, and other health care professionals will gather to network, share knowledge, and grow in each of our individual fields. The intent of the conference “is to increase understanding of the complex issues related to serious and terminal illness.” In addition, this gives our staff the opportunity to receive continuing education credits and network with a variety of care providers from different backgrounds. Improving the Health Care Industry Every industry, including the health care industry, can be improved by creating a friendly community in which to share new ideas and methods to [...]