Jaguar and Land Rover Drivers Can Track Essential Items with New inControl App™

Jaguar and Land Rover drivers can now enjoy an added measure of confidence with the recent integration of the Tile app in the inControl Apps™ platform. We have all had that moment, when you get in the car and realize you are missing something essential like your purse, work bag, or wallet. It can be frustrating to have to turn around and search for the missing item not to mention the worry it causes when you lose something extra important like a wallet. Jaguar Land Rover is now partnering with the innovative new Tile Bluetooth® tracking app to make sure those moments are a thing of the past. By integrating Tile into the inControl Apps™, Jaguar Land Rover offers drivers extra peace of mind and convenience. Track Essential Items with Ease The new inControl App™ uses Tile tags to track important items. Tile tags are Bluetooth® trackers that can be attached to any essential item allowing owners to track them via their smartphone. The app can be accessed using the central touch-screen in enabled Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. The app will notify drivers if items are not in the vehicle and can help identify their last known location. This way, [...]